June 20, 2013

Moby-Dick Readalong Chapters 16-30: Where are the pictures?

Part II of the Moby-Dick readalong, hosted by Laura over at reading-in-bed, has come and gone, but I'm still in this for the long-haul, even if I'm reading at a snail's pace!

Thoughts on Chapters 16-30:
  • 'The Ship' Chapter was a total let-down. Just when I thought we were finally getting on the ship, we don't. In fact, it takes several more chapters after the chapter titled 'The Ship' to set sail. But I thought it was interesting that Ishmael visited three different ships before deciding that The Pequod was the ship for him and Queequeg.
  • This section dragged for me. There was a lot more talk and descriptions about technical stuff, like about the ship for example, and pictures/diagrams sure would have been nice! I mean, I've watched my share of old-school Pirate movies in my day, but the inner-workings of how a ship operates is beyond me and it's hard to visualize information that is foreign to you.
 photo michaelscott_zps2585c686.gif

  • Does anyone actually know how to pronounce "Queequeg"? 
"We must have Hedgehog there, I mean Quohog, in one of our boats." (p. 99)
I know I find myself saying his name in my head differently each time. Sometimes it's "Kwee-keg", sometimes it's "Kee-kwog". It bugs me when I don't know how to properly pronounce a name in a book.
  • New Word Learnt this section:
1. Footmanism:  It appears this word does not appear in the dictionary, but Footman is defined as a male servant, one who waits on the table, opens the carriage door, and runs various errands (probably on foot).
The spoiled prince would be lost without his Footman

So after much, MUCH anticipation, we finally meet the captain of The Pequod, Ahab, at the end of this section. I think it's too early to know what I think of him, but I do know this: Ahab owns a lot of things that are made out of Ivory (including his peg leg!). 


  1. I agree! Some diagrams would have been helpful for this section of the book. I have no idea what most of the ship parts look like other than the sails and maybe the "boat" part(?).

    1. I wonder if the children's edition(s) have diagrams? Although, they probably just have pictures of the sea-men and whales...

  2. Yeah I'm basically imagining an overgrown rowboat, which is just not right.

    I think it's Kwee-Kweg!

    I think a few of us found this section boring. It picks up, I promise!

    1. Ugh! Kwee-Kweg just does not roll off my tongue and I have this think when I'm reading where I actually "say" the names in my head! As of the gifs...I'm no expert but I find mine on Tumblr. It's very time consuming though, especially when I'm trying to find a "certain" gif to use in a post. So I try to just save them as I stumble upon them rather than spending an hour searching for one that will tie into my post. BUT, that being said, I think they are a lot of fun (I know some people think they are annoying, but if used right - and if not overused - I get a kick out of them!).

  3. I love how you incorporate gifs. Where do you find them? I need to get with it... all the cool kids are using them... :)