May 01, 2015

Calgary Marathon Jugo Juice 10K Training Plan

Well, that's a mouthful, isn't it? A few months ago I decided I needed a fitness goal, something to train for and something to motivate me to train. I really wanted to sign up for another 10K run (my first and last 10K was several years ago), and The Calgary Marathon on May 31 seemed like a great race to make this happen. Plus, it doesn't hurt that an amazing group of Alberta bloggers will be running this race as well.  That was really all the motivation I needed to sign up!

10K Training Plan via A Slice of Brie

But, as life would have it, my training has been pretty non-existent, despite the run being less than 5 weeks away now. Part of the problem lies in the fact that we don't own a treadmill and I didn't own a jogging stroller, so day-time runs were literally out of the question. But I've recently remedied that by purchasing a chariot with a jogging kit, so I now have no excuse to not get outside with Sully during the day.

first chariot run
{first run outside since last fall! pushing a chariot is no joke!!}

At this point, my goal is to just show up for the run, meet some wonderful women, have fun and complete the 10K, even if that means walking some of it. My training for my last 10K wasn't that great either, but I was in a different state physically and a lot more active leading up to it. My only goal for that run was to run the entire 10K with no walking breaks and I was able to do that. I'm not sure if that's    a realistic goal this time around, but we shall see!

Talking a lead from Becky's recent post on training for the same 10K (also, I've maybe kind of begged her to be my running partner for this run), I decided to create a 5 week visual training plan for myself. I just want to get my legs used to moving and running without over doing it or possibly injuring myself. I would hate to miss out on this run! I'm aiming for three runs a week. Week one of the plan is this current week, which really only leaves a little over 4 weeks left to train. Week two I will be in New York for, so I tried to make the runs doable and easy, considering I will be on vacation and will also need to convince my best friend to run them with me. I'll be sure to make at least one of those runs be through Central Park though!

Calgary Marathon Training Plan

I'll be sharing my training updates on Instagram and my Facebook page if you want to follow along! Wish me luck!