March 29, 2014

Welcome, Little Man (and a one month update!)

On February 21, 2014, at 10:26 am, we welcomed beautiful Sullivan Michael Fraser into this world. In a moment, our world, for the better, changed forever. I spent 9 months unable to really imagine life with  him, and now I cannot imagine life without him. I have had every intention of getting on-line sooner to show off our little man, but instead I have spent the last month (how has it been a month already!?) holding my dear son. (It's so very hard to find time to get onto a real computer when you have a newborn - kudos to all you mama's out there that are able to do so!)

Here's our little Sully from his first few days in our lives:

Last Friday, Sully turned 4 weeks old. I've always found myself conflicted with the passing of time, even more so now that I'm a mom. While a part of me curses that time flies by too quickly and wants Sully to stay little and in the newborn stage forever, another part of me can't wait to experience all the different milestones that occur in a baby's first year and to watch Sully grow up.

So with that being said, I am consciously trying to enjoy every moment I have with Sully. There are days where we camp out on the couch, spending hours nursing and napping in my arms because he doesn't want to be put down. There are days where unloading the dishwasher is a task to be celebrated and if I get in a quick shower, high five to me! But I know these days are limited and it won't be long before Sullivan is no longer a tiny little bean and won't want to be held all day long or while he is napping. So instead of feeling guilty about the laundry not folded, the supper not made, or spending the day in my pajamas, I stare at my beautiful son, burning to memory every little facial expression, squeal and sound he makes, all while holding him close to me.


Dear Sullivan, at one month you:

> are still wearing new born clothing and diapers. At three weeks, you weighed 8 pounds - just a wee little guy.
> wet or dirty diapers do not bother you, but you hate having your diaper changed.
> do not enjoy having a bath.
> sleep best in my arms.
> have an incredibly strong neck and very powerful kicks.
> love listening to your daddy's voice when he reads you stories.
> hate being put into your car seat, but love car rides.
> have had 3 big outings: once to your first doctor's appointment, once to spend the day with me at your gramma's place and another time to Old Navy and then again to gramma's place.