October 27, 2014

Currently {Fall Edition}

Winter, spring, summer, fall. Four distinct seasons, one slowly turning into the next, each welcomed for different reasons. As years have passed, the distinction between each season has started to blur, and often we have skipped seasons altogether. I cannot remember a fall quite as beautiful as this, at least not since my childhood. The winters may be harsh and long in Edmonton, but when you truly get to experience the other three seasons, it more than makes up for it. There's something about surviving through another freezing winter that makes you appreciate and embrace a beautiful spring, summer and fall the best you can. I no longer take the seasons for granted, as I know too well that weather, just like life, is unpredictable. Some people dislike fall because it means the long, cold days of winter are upon us. I, for one, love fall and the impending promise of hibernation indoors with your loved ones that it brings. Warm drinks, hot soups, curling up beside the fireplace, sweaters, toques and boots - these are just some of the things I love about fall.

That being said, as fall wraps up and winter threatens to make its appearance, I'm currently…

fall in edmonton

Thinking about: Time. How fast it passes, how there never seems to be enough of it in the day, how I wish I could slow it down some times. But we can't, and the scary thing is, as we age, time only passes even faster. Yesterday, my baby was just a newborn, today he is 8 months old, and tomorrow he'll be going to kindergarten. 

Reading: Oh, my dear friend, reading. It's been a struggle to find time for you. I have so many books "on the go", it's embarrassing. And it's cluttering up my end table. I'm having a lot of trouble finishing books these past few months, not because they aren't good, but because I often turn to my phone to read something quickly rather than flip through the pages of a book. Is it because it takes less brain power to read an article on the internet than to engage in my current read? No need for recall of pages previously read? No guilt when I update my goodreads reading progress and see it took me three weeks to read 20 pages? Even the pressure of book club hasn't been enough to get me to read lately. I'm hoping that this is just a phase and that once the colder weather is here to stay, I will be more inclined to curl up with a good book in the evenings. 

Listening to: Kaleo. I'm loving this song so much right now (well, actually, anything by this band):

Missing: My sister. I never thought that we would live our adult lives not only in different cities, but different provinces. Growing up, our five year age gap meant we fought more than we got along, but now that we are adults, my sister is, without a doubt, my best friend. She recently visited us for 4 days, and Sully and I had the best time with her. It was so hard to say goodbye, but I think the hardest part of living far away from each other is the knowing that it will probably always be that way. Which means hard goodbyes and the missing of each other is never going to go away. And that makes me sad. But also so very thankful that I even have a sister in which to miss so dearly.

fall in edmonton hiking in edmonton

Looking forward to: Sully's first Halloween! Is there anything cuter than a baby in a costume? It doesn't even really matter what their costume is, they're guaranteed to look cute.

Your turn! What's your favourite thing about fall? Reading any good books right now? What new song do I need to add to my playlist? Let me know in the comments! 

October 20, 2014

Sullivan: 7 Months

seven months

Dear Sullivan,

It's been almost a month since you turned 7 months old and I'm just now getting around to posting this. That should give you some idea of how quickly time is passing as each month is just rolling into the next. Good thing I keep little notes in a journal or I would have a hard time remembering each little thing you do and learn. You are now closer to your first birthday than to the day you were born. I look back at the photos of your first few weeks of life, and I cannot believe that you were so tiny and scrawny such a short time ago. It's truly miraculous how quickly you turned from a newborn into a baby with a such a strong willed personality. You make your Daddy and I laugh every single day and we can already see that you are going to be quite the little charmer. We fall in love with you more every single day.

seven months 
tummy time

One of the biggest milestones you hit this past month is sitting on your own. I still make sure something soft is behind you in case you topple over as you still lose your balance from time to time. I can imagine how learning how to sit has given you a whole new perspective in life and I can see just how proud you are when you are sitting up. Toys are more fun now as you can manipulate them in different ways, but best of all, it allows you to watch me when I'm in the kitchen and you're sitting on the rug in the family room. As long as you can see me and you have some toys to entertain you with, you're pretty content to sit there and play. And when sitting is no longer fun, you are able to roll onto your stomach and scoot yourself around backwards. You are so close to crawling and I just know you will be quite the mover once you can move forward!

sitting milestone sitting milestone sitting milestone 

We also started you on solids this month. This was actually a lot harder for me to do as it truly meant you were no longer just a baby dependent on my nursing you. Of course, you're main nutrition is still breast milk, and you still nurse every 3 to 4 hours during the day. We're attempting to do baby led weaning with you which means we are giving you food to pick up, play with, and attempt to put into your mouth all on your own. So far you're a huge fan of avocado on toast, hummus on toast, roast chicken and sweet potatoes. I'm not sure how much makes it into your mouth, but you are having a great time learning and exploring all about different tastes and textures. Still no teeth, despite some rough nights of teething, but you are chewing your food with your gums.

baby led weaning baby led weaning 

As far as weight gain, you are a few ounces heavier than last month, at 16 pounds and 9.5 ounces and you've grown 1/4 of an inch, making you 26 and 3/4 inches tall. I swear some days you feel way heavier than that! You're still a little guy, but the health nurse says you are following your own curve on the growth chart and that's what matters. You're still fitting in the same clothes as you were last month, the majority of those being 3-6 months and some 6 month sleepers and you're still wearing size 3 diapers.

seven months

You're still sleeping well in your crib at night, with only the rare nighttime awakening.  You're getting easier to put down and will even let your daddy put you to bed sometimes. Naps on the other hand, are still a daily battle as you do not like to sleep during the day, save for the times you fall asleep in the car or in my arms. How long can will you let me keep holding you for naps?!

This past month was a big month because you went on your very first plane ride all the way to Nova Scotia so we could visit  your Papa and Nanny. You were the best little traveller (you get that from me!), and any fears your daddy and I had flying with you have been eased. Considering the time difference from here to Nova Scotia is three hours, you adapted very well once we got there. Your daddy and I were so proud of you for being such an easy going baby the entire trip. You even slept really well in the playpen there, something we weren't sure about as you've never slept in one before. We took you to the beach for the very first time, the same beach your daddy grew up going to. I know you won't remember any of that trip, but it was still really special to take you there.

flying with baby melmerby beach lobster

Sully, you are such a delightful baby, your smiles and laughs light up any room, and you grow cuter by the minute. Some days I can't believe you're mine! Your daddy and I are grateful for you every single day.

golden retriever and baby golden retriever and baby Sullivan and Mommy

I love you to the moon and back,
Mommy xoxo

October 13, 2014

Our First Vacation as a Family of Three

I'm not sure where this last month has gone, but it's almost the middle of October and I have a backlog of drafted posts to finish and publish. While sometimes I'm tempted to just move on forward, there are certain things I wish to document in this little space, starting with a recap on our trip to Nova Scotia last month.

Jim and I go to Nova Scotia to visit his family every year, but this year was extra special because this was our first vacation as a family of three. Most of our time in Nova Scotia is spent just hanging out in the home Jim grew up in and a few beach visits. My very first trip ever to NS back in 2008, Jim played tour guide and showed me all the sights there were to see. Since then, we've been pretty content to just stay put at his parent's place. We discussed taking a few day trips this visit, but once we got there, we decided to just relax and enjoy our short time with Jim's parents. We'll sightsee when Sully is older!

I don't have a lot of photos to share, but here are some of my favourite ones from our trip, enjoy!


Sully couldn't get enough of his Papa. These two were instant best buds and Sully found everything John said or did absolutely fascinating.

reading with papa

Sully and Nanny:

Sully and Nanny

Sully meeting his great-Nanny Rankin. He's her 10th great grandchild! 

Sully and Nanny Rankin

Despite missing out on true beach-going weather, we did spend one afternoon at Melmerby Beach, which is the beach Jim grew up going to:

Melmerby Beach Melmerby Beach gap shark swimsuit Melmerby Beach Melmerby Beach Melmerby Beach Melmerby Beach

And of course, no visit out East would be complete without a lobster dinner!

lobster lobster lobster lobster stand off

This last set of photos were taken on the front porch of the house Jim grew up in and the house that his dad built with his own two hands. There's a lot of memories in this house and I think one of the biggest reasons why I love visiting there so much is because as soon as your walk in the back door, you feel like you are home. It's pretty neat that we get to show Sully exactly where his daddy grew up.

The Frasers The Frasers Sully and Papa Sully and Papa The Frasers

Till next time, Nova Scotia!