January 14, 2022

A Clean Home by Mad Maids

 Did anyone else get overwhelmed over the holidays with ALL of the things?! From Christmas shopping, to keeping kids entertained, to cooking meals, to trying to keep the house clean, to making memories...it is A LOT and my house was worse for wear by the time the new year rolled around! So when Mad Maids reached out asking if I would like a deep clean of my house in exchange for this review, you better believe I did a little happy dance in my (then dirty) kitchen!

A few years ago I had the pleasure of working with Mad Maids, and I was very happy with the cleaning job they did on my house, so I wasn't worried about working with them again. They still continue to work in teams of two, bring their own cleaning supplies and will use eco-friendly cleaners if you select green cleaning on your form. And one of the most admirable parts of their business? For every cleaning job they do, they donate a portion of their proceeds to the World Food Program! 

Booking your cleaning service is super easy as it can all be done online. Pricing is fixed based on how many bedrooms you have in your house and there are no hidden fees. You can book a routine clean, a deep clean, or a move in/out clean. And according to my last blog post from 4 years ago, their prices haven't increased at all! 

mad maids cost

Anyway, getting the house ready for the cleaners was a BIG job. Our home was over due for a huge decluttering and tidying spree. We worked for a solid 3 days before my cleaning team arrived, making sure that the team could focus on deep cleaning and not moving around piles of stuff. At one point my husband thought we were crazy for putting in so much work ahead of time, but I promise it paid off in the long run! And I asked on Instagram if this was normal behaviour before a house clean and I was assured it was 100% normal! You want your cleaning team to CLEAN! Not tidy! 

When Anita and Tess arrived on Tuesday morning, they did a house tour with me and they explained how they approach a room (top to bottom while working in a circle) and pointed out all the things they would tackle - like baseboards, doorframes, doors, windowsills, dusting, ceiling fans, etc. My husband stayed home to work in the office, but Emmy and I left to get out of their hair. 

When we returned home and I walked into our clean home, it was like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Sure, I clean here and there and tackle chores I'd rather not do, but it's very very rare that my ENTIRE home is clean all at once. Actually, it's not even rare, it doesn't ever happen because it would take me an entire day of cleaning without interruptions and that is not happening lol! And there's something really magical and peaceful about having your entire home clean. Especially after the chaos of Christmas holidays. I didn't realize how much of a mental burden an unclean home had been for me. And I'm starting to realize that perhaps budgeting for Mad Maids to come in regularly might be something Jim and I need to seriously consider. 

Also, when you get back home, your team likes to do a walk through with you to explain what they cleaned and to ensure they didn't miss anything. I loved this part because some of the things they did I might not have noticed, but I sure did appreciate! Like dusting the top shelves of our master closet! 

Ok! Let me show you some before and afters! I found it difficult to photograph some of the befores, so just trust me when I say our home was far from clean! 

And some afters!

They even did a sweep of our basement - vacuumed underneath the couch cushions and on top of them, vacuumed the carpets and cleaned the bathroom we have down there!

Amazing right?! I joked that we were going to stay in a hotel that night just so we didn't mess it up right away, haha! 

But it gets even better! Mad Maids wants to give the gift of a clean home to one of you, so head on over to my Instagram page and enter to win one of 4 gift cards! Mad Maids covers Calgary, Edmonton, Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, Bragg Creek, Chestermere, St. Albert and Sherwood Park, so if you live in one of those areas, go enter! And in the meantime, you can also use my code Brie15 for 15% off any cleaning service you book! Yay for clean homes!