November 04, 2014

Sullivan's First Halloween

Growing up, Halloween was a big deal in our house. My mom would go all out with the decorations, both inside and out. We had this long, covered walkway up to our front door, and she would effortlessly turn it into a haunted house of sorts. Little kids were scared to trick-or-treat at our house. It was awesome, and I looked forward to each and every Halloween in that home. Somewhere along the line, my sister and brother and I grew up, we all moved out of the house, and gone were those days of embracing Halloween to the fullest. Since then, I sort of lost interest in Halloween, save for the odd party here and there.

But this year marked a change in my feelings towards Halloween and the Halloween's to come. Because now, I'm a mom, and this year, I've realized just how much more fun Halloween is when you have a kid. I didn't go all out - no decorations this year since we weren't home for Halloween anyway and I didn't make him a costume like I thought I might be inclined to do - we have many years to get super creative in the costume department! This year I chose to dress him up in one of those super cute puffy costumes. Seriously, is there anything cuter than a baby in a costume?! I don't think so.

baby bat costume

A few days before Halloween, my mom's group had a little Halloween party for all the babies and it was pretty much the funniest thing ever. There seemed to be a lot more crying than usual and I think it's because the babies didn't know what to make of the other babies in costumes! The puffy style costumes are also a little "top heavy", so at any given moment there was usually a "baby down".

halloween babies baby bat old navy costume

On Halloween day, we stopped in Red Deer on our way home from Calgary so Sully's cousins could see him in his costume. We also took Sully out trick-or-treating with them. While he had no idea what was going on, (or that he was collecting candy for his mom), he was a trooper, staying up way past his bedtime.

dracula, a bat, a chef
baby bat costume

Hard to believe that this time last year Sully was just a bun in my oven. And next year he'll be able to walk up to the doors holding my hand! I should probably start costume brainstorming now! I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween weekend!