November 08, 2013

Halloween When You're Pregnant

As I've gotten older, the novelty (and desire) to dress up for Halloween has worn off. For one thing, Halloween always seems to just sneak up on me, leaving me no time to get a costume together, and secondly, the thought of having to think of (and possibly make) a creative costume often feels like way too much pressure. And I'm not even going to get into the whole slutty costume epidemic that's out there. But this year, I knew I wanted to celebrate Halloween and incorporate my baby bump into my costume. Who knows, this could be the only time I'm ever pregnant (and showing) during Halloween.

At first, I wanted to order one of these baby bump skeleton shirts for my costume and one of these ones for Jim's costume. But then I decided I didn't want to spend $60+ dollars and still have to make skeleton pants. So this is what we came up with instead - (note: I honestly thought I had an original idea. Until a little search on google told me I am not original at all.) Original or not, I'm pretty proud of how well we executed the idea though!

{Mr. Baker and Mrs. Bun in the Oven}
I cannot remember ever having made a costume before, but I can say this won't be my last! Jim and I had so much fun making my little oven (even if it took us all day!).  Plus, I now have endless future Halloween costume options: microwave, Easy-Bake oven, Jack in the Box, time travel machine...

With a little craft run to Michaels, a shirt from Walmart, a cardboard box, white duct tape and some cooking props from home, we had the makings of our costumes.

And of course, we couldn't leave Saigon out of the fun.

Jim and I are already excited and brainstorming for Halloween next year, and can't wait to dress up Baby Fraser!

Tell me: What did you dress up as for Halloween this year? 
I'd love to know!


  1. Love your costume! Did you guys go out for Halloween? I saw a costume where you wear a white shirt and have an alien bursting out of the belly ... I so wanted to do it, but we really don't go anywhere on Halloween.

    I remember when we used to dress up the dogs. Cooper used to have the cutest pumpkin costume!

    And now soon we get to dress up babies for Halloween! How cute will that be? :)

    1. We went to a small potluck/costume party at a friend's place. It was perfect for this preggo :) I did see a photo of a costume idea where a pregnant girl had glued doll parts to her belly which I thought was pretty awesome!

      I can't wait to dress up babies! Kids are the cutest on Halloween!

  2. Hey, hey! I'm pregnant also and I wish I had done something creative for Halloween! I'm due Wednesday and cannot wait, I feel like I've been pregnant for a bajillion years. I love your costumes, and of course, I love that cute little pittie! :)

    1. Today's your due date! I was thinking about you lately...and was wondering when you were due (I couldn't remember when you did your pregnancy post). Hope your delivery goes well!