November 27, 2013

Hey, Baby! 27 Weeks

When I originally found out I was pregnant, it seemed like it took forever to get to the 3 month mark, and now, here I am, 27 weeks pregnant! Where has the time gone?! It makes me both nervous and excited to think I only have 3 months left before we finally get to meet Baby Fraser.

{27 Weeks}

At 27 weeks...

*I'm feeling: great! I'm sleeping well at night for the most part, good energy levels, and I can still put on my own socks at shoes.
*I feel like my belly really popped this past week. For weeks I felt like I looked as if I had over eaten at the buffet, not necessarily pregnant. Now, I proudly flaunt by baby bump.
*Living in: leggings. Thyme maternity leggings are the best things ever. I have already sworn that I might just never wear regular leggings again!
*Baby's been a quiet one up until a week or so ago, but I can finally feel Baby moving around. Lots of flutters and little kicks, which never fails to bring a smile to my face.
*Loving: my bed, quiet evenings at home with Jim and Saigon, back massages (or hands, or feet, I'm not picky), Bio-Oil, long, healthy nails, and prenatal yoga.
*Eating: some days I can't get enough cereal (Oatmeal Crisp Triple Berry to be exact). I would happily eat it for breakfast, lunch and supper. And sometimes I do!

{27 weeks}


  1. OMG. Adorable! I too ate cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner. My choice was Special K Fruit and Yogurt lol

  2. Oh man. I used to eat 3 bowls of Cheerios in a row for breakfast. And then there was the "Just Bunches" variety of Honey Bunches of Oats - dangerous!!

  3. You're looking gorgeous, Brie!! You've definitely got that whole "glow" people talk about going on, and I bet feeling the baby move around is an amazing and wonderful experience. :) We all can't wait to meet Baby Fraser, too. :D

  4. Such a beautiful baby bump! I'm totally with you on the maternity leggings! BEST THINGS EVER. I had to force myself to stop wearing them when Marko was like 5 months old ... otherwise I totally would still be wearing 'em!

  5. Still addicted to cereal, are you? ;) Enjoy all those moments in bed snuggling with Jim and Saigon! It's funny because now that my little one is here, it's weird imagining life without him. He's just so special! And soon you'll get to see what all those little kicks and flutters look like in real life!

    Oh and leggings are AWESOME. I still like wearing mine out ...