October 13, 2014

Our First Vacation as a Family of Three

I'm not sure where this last month has gone, but it's almost the middle of October and I have a backlog of drafted posts to finish and publish. While sometimes I'm tempted to just move on forward, there are certain things I wish to document in this little space, starting with a recap on our trip to Nova Scotia last month.

Jim and I go to Nova Scotia to visit his family every year, but this year was extra special because this was our first vacation as a family of three. Most of our time in Nova Scotia is spent just hanging out in the home Jim grew up in and a few beach visits. My very first trip ever to NS back in 2008, Jim played tour guide and showed me all the sights there were to see. Since then, we've been pretty content to just stay put at his parent's place. We discussed taking a few day trips this visit, but once we got there, we decided to just relax and enjoy our short time with Jim's parents. We'll sightsee when Sully is older!

I don't have a lot of photos to share, but here are some of my favourite ones from our trip, enjoy!


Sully couldn't get enough of his Papa. These two were instant best buds and Sully found everything John said or did absolutely fascinating.

reading with papa

Sully and Nanny:

Sully and Nanny

Sully meeting his great-Nanny Rankin. He's her 10th great grandchild! 

Sully and Nanny Rankin

Despite missing out on true beach-going weather, we did spend one afternoon at Melmerby Beach, which is the beach Jim grew up going to:

Melmerby Beach Melmerby Beach gap shark swimsuit Melmerby Beach Melmerby Beach Melmerby Beach Melmerby Beach

And of course, no visit out East would be complete without a lobster dinner!

lobster lobster lobster lobster stand off

This last set of photos were taken on the front porch of the house Jim grew up in and the house that his dad built with his own two hands. There's a lot of memories in this house and I think one of the biggest reasons why I love visiting there so much is because as soon as your walk in the back door, you feel like you are home. It's pretty neat that we get to show Sully exactly where his daddy grew up.

The Frasers The Frasers Sully and Papa Sully and Papa The Frasers

Till next time, Nova Scotia!


  1. Looks like a great trip! I love Nova Scotia! ... Oh and lobster! That would be my last meal., hands down!

    1. Thanks, Tawnya!, it was very relaxing, just what we needed :)

  2. Love all the pictures! The one with the lobsters is cute. :) We've only gone to Calgary together, so no big trips yet! You guys were brave, venturing all the way to the east coast!