April 22, 2012

Saigon Sundays: Just Resting My Eyes

During the first week we started "fostering" Saigon, I went home during one of my lunch breaks to see what he was up to. I wanted to make sure he wasn't sitting at the door howling all day awaiting my return home. I sneaked in through the front door, as quietly as I could be, and not only was Saigon NOT waiting at the front door for me, he wasn't anywhere to be seen. So I called out for him and I heard a loud "clunk" from upstairs, then the clomping of paws down the stairs, and then finally  he appeared around the corner, eyes half closed, tail-a-wagging and a sheepish look on his face which said it all: "You caught me." Needless to say, from that point on, I was able to get through my work days without worrying about how he was coping at home.

When I do have a day off during the week, and I spend it at home, Saigon has a hard time relaxing because he's always checking out what I'm up to. If he's not underfoot, he's perched somewhere, eyes on me. I swear, he refuses to truly "nap" while I'm home, unless I go and nap with him (which does happen from time to time). Even if he's laying with his eyes closed, I can tell he's not really sleeping - more "just resting his eyes". On days that I'm home, he's usually pretty exhausted come late afternoon, even if we haven't gotten out for a walk yet. Because for whatever reason, he resists sleep. It can actually be pretty comical.

Case and point:

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