June 24, 2012

Saigon Sundays: Planting Trees

We were lucky when we bought our house that all the landscaping had already been done. This is rare when you purchase a new home, but something we have been so thankful for. That being said, it's pretty bare and we decided that we wanted to add a few bushes and trees. The house that I grew up in had two beautiful lilac bushes in it and I will always remember my mom having a vase of freshly cut lilacs on the kitchen table during the summer. So, when we were at home depot yesterday and I saw the lilac plants for sale, I knew exactly what I wanted to plant in our back yard. And by plant, I mean Jim planted while I read a book on the deck and took pictures. Of course, no chore would be complete without our little helper, Saigon.

I have never met another dog that is so "up in your business" at all times. He's always underfoot, checking out what we are working on. It's fascinating and amusing to us.

All done!


  1. Love Saigon's commentary... Maybe he should have his own blog.

  2. Saigon could star in his own reality show. Now onto your book stuff-I have tried audio tapes while traveling, and my mind wanders as well! and I can't blame it on my age, because I tried them years ago, and same problem. Maybe the hidden benefit IS to help the miles go by. I remain a tactile person; I love to hold books, mark them, chew on them, linger on a page-I draw the line at using a highliter (that's why my daughter won't lend me books)so audio tapes don't call to me. I am intrigued by Shelley Streit's book, much to my surprise. You make it sound worth checking out, which I will do and report back.

  3. Oh my god i love your Saigon blogs! You need to write about him more often, the pictures with your captions always make my day!!
    PS: love that you choice a Lilac bush, they always remind me of mom :)

    1. Yup, the lilac bushes will always remind me of the house we grew up in :)