February 20, 2014

Hey, Baby! 39 Weeks+

I started this post earlier in the week (closer to when I was actually 39 weeks, not almost 40), when I received a phone call from my doctor`s office that shook up my whole week. While it's not a secret, I haven't openly talked about it on the blog, but I've always known that Baby Fraser would be delivered via c-section due to medical complications from my past health history. Our original date of delivery was supposed to be on Monday, February 24. Now, it is tomorrow. And while I should be in bed, I needed to get out one last pregnancy update before I am no longer pregnant! Which still blows my mind and it still hasn't fully sunk in that this time tomorrow, I will finally be holding my sweet little baby in my arms.

So while I had planned on having a relaxing weekend of sleeping in, taking it easy and just hanging with my family, instead, I feel like that last few days have been a flurry of last minute to-dos. I mean, I've always been a last minute kind of person, and I totally understand that I could have gone into labour at any point this week regardless of my planned section, but STILL. It's all very weird knowing you will be delivering your baby tomorrow even though you've had no signs of labour. 

That being said, the thought of finally holding our little baby boy, after all these months of kicks and gentle reminders that there is in fact a little human growing inside of me brings me to tears and makes my heart swell up more than I ever thought possible. Pregnancy is honestly such a miracle and I feel very blessed that I've had a healthy, risk-free pregnancy and an overly supportive husband by my side. 

I've been pretty uncomfortable these past few weeks and while I say I'm not mentally ready for baby to come out (will I ever be mentally prepared??), physically, I am ready for him to make his entrance. I'm ready to be able to carry on a conversation without getting incredibly short of breath. I'm ready to not have so much pain in my legs by the end of the day that it's almost impossible to climb up the stairs to go to bed. I'm ready to see Jim be a dad and my parents be grandparents. It's time to welcome this baby boy into our lives and share him with our families!

I'll be back as soon as I can to introduce Baby Fraser to all of you! :)

xoxo Brie


  1. Oh wow! I can imagine you're facing so many emotions. This really was the sweetest post and I know you'll be a lovely mother! Congrats as I'm sure you're going through the whole process now. Can't wait to see the little guy :)

  2. I am so excited for you Brie! Congrats and I can;t wait to see pictures of Baby Fraser!

  3. Brie! I'm replying to this post AFTER knowing that you've already had your baby! I'm so, so, so happy for you guys! I totally know the feeling of oh-my-gosh-am-I-really-ready-for-this, since I had the same thing happen when I had my c-section. Totally scary, but any doubts or concerns completely forgotten once I saw my little guy's face -- or, heard him cry for the first time! We can't wait to meet your new addition (who looks completely like you, by the way!). :)

  4. whoa whoa whoa! Godspeed! Can't wait for the adorable baby Fraser photos to come :)