February 09, 2014

Saigon Sundays: Building Baby's Crib

Saigon is known for always being interested in whatever Jim and I are doing around the house, but nothing peaks his interest quite like furniture building. In fact, it's impossible to put together a piece of furniture without Saigon underfoot right by your side.  We've been spending a lot of hours working on Baby Fraser's nursery and Saigon hasn't missed out on any of it. Yesterday, he was the foreman on crib building.


  1. What a helpful buddy! That baby ought to be grateful for such excellent craftsmanship ;)

  2. Seriously so funny!! His face and your captions are a perfect pair :) love these Saigon posts so much.

  3. Ha ha ... so cute! And I love how you're the one hammering it together. :)