June 11, 2014

Friends Without Kids

My Dearest Friends Without Kids,

It wasn't long ago that I could call you, text you, meet up for coffee/drinks with you, pretty much whenever I pleased. I still want to see you and talk to you, but I'm no longer the boss of my days. You see, I had a baby a few months ago and at any given moment I'm either nursing, changing a dirty diaper, holding said baby, or wiping up spit up. Seriously, all.day.long. I've learned to do almost everything one handed, and it's amazing what I can do with my left hand now - like type entire emails amazing. It takes me a few days to complete one load of laundry and most days my diet consists of granola bars, coffee and crackers. Basically, anything I can grab and eat with one hand. 

Luckily, life is getting easier everyday and I am finding myself with longer moments in which I can get things done, like showering. I think about you often though; what movies you're seeing, which restaurants you're eating at, which fancy coffees you are enjoying, and I'm sorry I can't join you right now. But I hope you save me a seat for later. 

I know my words probably mean little and feel full of excuses. Good thing Elle put out this hilarious and clever video - it pretty much sums up my life right now (and I only have one kid!) and why it sometimes takes me longer than usual to text or call you back. Also, mommy brain IS a real thing and sometimes I just plain forget. And to my friends with kids, if you haven't already seen this video, do yourself a favour and take a minute and a half to watch it!


  1. Your post reminded me of this link that went around on Facebook a while ago:

  2. Ack -- my iPad won't let me paste it for some reason ... But I shared it on my Facebook wall, so I'll message it to you :)

  3. Great post, but I feel like I have to go against what you're saying! Ha ha ... I still go out for fancy coffees, but just with baby. We even go to movies now, which is fun! I've always been of the camp that so long as he's fed, changed, and somewhere safe that if he's crying, it's okay for him to wait for a moment while I grab something to eat. These days, we both eat together at the table, so it's a ton easier, but in the old days I'd make sure to eat when he napped or else he'd play and I'd sit next to him and have something quick.

    Glad to hear things are getting easier! I find that things are getting more fun everyday ... and while we don't do things exactly like we did before, we've adjusted so that we can all have fun -- like going to movies, or walks, or for coffee, or playdates. I was such a hermit before baby that I find I've gotten out a lot more and have made a lot more friends! It's great. :) And I was late to the game with kids, so I think I was the only one without! Ha ha ...

    1. Well, I was over exaggerating just a little bit ;) Or maybe if I had a baby that would actually nap NOT on me…haha! But I agree - it gets more fun (and easy!) every single day and I wouldn't trade this life for anything else. I think it's so great that Lucas has made you get out way more than before he came along - I say that because I know some women where the opposite happened for them.