August 15, 2014

Let's Go Swimming!

This past week, Jim and I had a little stay-cation, which was pretty exciting as we've never done one before! Jim also hasn't had anytime off of work since Sully was born, so I was pretty excited to have him home with us everyday. We had nothing big planned other than a few things I wanted to do as a family. One of these things being swimming. Sometimes I feel guilty that Sully and I get to do fun things together during the day while Jim misses out. Taking Sully swimming was one thing I wanted to do together for the first time.

So yesterday afternoon, after Sully had a little nap (in his crib - praise the lord!) we packed up and headed out to the rec centre. I knew there was a reason I wanted Jim along for this particular outing - it's so much work getting ready to get in the pool and it's equally as much work getting ready to go home! Granted, the pool change rooms have these amazing little seats in the wall to strap your baby into, but still, the second set of hands was sure nice.

terwillegar rec centre

Sully's reaction to being in the pool was not what we expected. He didn't hate it, but I wouldn't say he loved it either. He was just so serious during the whole ordeal. There were no tears, but we also couldn't get him to crack a smile or laugh. We poured water on his head and he got splashed several times by other kids playing nearby and he didn't even react. Sully spent the hour we were in the pool looking around, taking in all the action. He was a little sweetheart and he had the young girls in the pool swooning over him.

sully swimming with daddy sully swimming with mommy sully swimming sully swimming sully swimming
sully swimming

We can't wait to take Sully swimming again! And next month, weather permitting, we plan to dip his toes in the ocean when we are vacationing in Nova Scotia! 


  1. Sawyer had the same reaction- we took him in our pool a few weeks ago and he was SO serious the entire time. I might take him out again today to see how he does. Next summer I'm sure it will be so different for both boys!

    1. Serious! Thank you - that's the word I was looking for, haha! *mommybrain* (it's totally a thing!) Also, wish we had a pool - so much better than dirty pool change rooms, ha!

      Everything we do this summer, I can't help but say to my husband how much more fun the same thing will be this time next year, despite my not wanting Sully to grow up.

  2. Haha i love these pictures, he's such a chill baby! Can't wait to see him again.

  3. That third to last photo made me swoon with cuteness overload. What a beautiful darling baby :)