March 20, 2015

Texts From My Husband

My husband and I do a lot of communicating via text throughout the day. Often, his texts are pretty cryptic and I pride myself for being able to "read through the lines" or know what he is saying even when he is saying it with words I wouldn't have chosen to use. Jim says I can just read his mind.

Of course, there are some days that my husband texts me and I cannot for the life of me figure out what he is trying to say. This often ends in me in tears from laughing so hard once I see what his original message was trying to convey.

Take last night for example. I went out for the evening, leaving Jim in charge of supper and bedtime duty.

how my husband and I communicate via text message

What?! I anxiously racked my brain for a toy that has a green strip attached to it. And what the hell is a one triple 'Z'?! Sully has few toys in the apartment and none of them have Z's on them. (That I could think of anyway). And the leftovers I suggested they eat for dinner definitely didn't have a green strip that needed to be removed before reheating OR eating. But clearly it was important if it warranted a text to me while I was out, right?


And for the record, we usually perform really well at partner board games. Or at least we used to.


  1. That is hilarious!! I am horrible at decoding texts!

  2. Hahah that is funny! My husband and I were having a disagreement and I used the word tangible for some reason (can't remember now) so he read the text to his friend from work who said "nah, I don't think she's using that word right." And so he googled it and told my husband "no man, she was right, we're idiots."

    1. HA!! I love when that happens! So much victory when you're husband is proven wrong ;)

  3. Haha this is hilarious! One close yet so far ;)