March 09, 2017

Emmeline: Two Months

Dear Miss Emmy,

Every day you become less newborn and more "baby". I'm already having trouble remember just how teeny tiny you were the day you were born. You're still a petite little thing, weighing in at just under 9 pounds, but you've gained a few inches, bringing you up to 21.6 inches long! You're finally starting to outgrow your newborn sleepers (just in length though) and you're officially in size 1 diapers. You nurse about every 3 hours and when you're done, you are done! The other night I tried to wake you up to feed you before I went to bed, and no way were you having any of that!

You're still an amazing little sleeper, a fact I still can't over most days. I exclaim to your daddy all the time, "I can't believe she's still sleeping!". I don't have the luxury of holding you all the time when you sleep, but when I can, you bet I keep you in my arms. There is nothing better than looking down at your sweet, peaceful face when you are fast asleep. You also continue to sleep well at night, allowing me to have 4-5 hours of uninterrupted sleep, sometimes even longer. And when I run errands, or take you places with me, I can pretty much count on you to sleep through it all. Car rides knock you right out!
I Will Move Mountains blanket
I think the best thing that has happened this month though is hearing you coo to us. I had forgotten what a sweet sound that is. You also smile a lot now, big toothless grins, and certain sounds I make can really get them out of you. I can't wait until you start laughing! Interacting with you is just the best thing ever.

You still love your baths in the washpod, although you love to kick up with your little legs from the bottom of it which I think is hilarious. You also enjoy tummy time, and it's something your big brother loves to do with you. Sometimes he even tells me he thinks it's time for some tummy time! When I place you under your activity mat that plays melodies and has some lights and birds that turn with the music, you coo and coo away at it. It's so neat to see you starting to notice things and be more alert.
I Will Move Mountains Blanket
I will move mountains blanket
Your eyes are still a piercing blue, but we still aren't sure what colour your hair is going to end up being. Sometimes it looks really light, especially on top, but in the back, where it's a lot thicker, it has a light auburn tone to it.

Emmy, you are the sweetest, calmest, most beautiful baby girl ever and I'm so lucky that you are mine!

I love you with all my heart,
xoxo Mommy

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