April 03, 2013

Winter Reading Roundup

I always find April a little bitter-sweet. I mean, I'm happy that it's finally spring and the snow is starting to melt and the weather is getting warmer, but at the same time, where has this year gone?! Last year, I didn't do monthly recaps (because I never felt I had enough to say for one), but I did do a 6-month recap. This year, after I wrote my 2013 goals post, I decided I would do quarterly updates. Mostly to keep myself in line and more accountable to said goals.

So here's a quick look at where I'm at:

1. Get Back to Basics: I haven't been meal-planning, but I have been cooking much more often, although I haven't tried any new recipes. I've been packing my lunches for work, but only the snacks portion. I'm still struggling to find foods to take for lunch that are easy to eat in my car. Someone mentioned using a thermos so that I could then take leftovers to eat (which are my favourite lunches). Does anyone have a type/brand they recommend?

2. Get Off my Butt: In February, I bit the bullet and got myself a gym membership. When the gym I had been wanting to join, opened up another location a block from my work, I took it as a sign. I'm proud to say I've been going 3-4 times per week since I joined. Except for this one workout fail.

3. Walk the Dog: While he still gets out at least once a day, it's not always in the morning on my days off and Jim and I don't always go in the evenings together even when we can. I like to believe that the cold weather had something to do with this - why should we ALL suffer from the freezing temperatures when we can divide up the time spent out in the cold? And sometimes, when it's not freezing cold out, we don't just walk, we RUN.

4. Cook-Book Scrap Booking: Fail. Haven't even started. But I think about it a lot.

5. Abolish Clutter: Working on it. The Shit room is tidier  but that's just because Jim organized the junk in there into neat piles because we had a guy coming over to look at the furnace.

6. Write: While I often fall behind several days in writing in my Q & A book, I have been staying caught up with writing in it. It's fun!

 7. Finish Unfinished Projects: (ie. finish unfinished furniture projects). Saving this one for the warmer weather!

8. Catch Up:  Hmmm...well, I can't say I've caught up on my "reviews", heck, when's the last time I even posted a review - besides Harry Potter musings?!

9. Read: Goodreads says I'm 3 books behind if I want to make my goal of 50 books per year. Which is pretty good considering I have about 5 books on the go right now. But there's always room to read more...every time I choose to play games on my phone, spend time on the computer, or watch TV...is time I could have spent reading instead.

10. Stop Biting My Nails: Ha...Hahaha!

 photo 70slaugh_zpsc4a49942.gif

In Other Bookish News:

- I'm still trudging along with The Harry Potter Readalong. I've fallen behind ever since going to Mexico last month and have been struggling to catch up. These books are HUGE! But I really want to finish reading them or I worry I never will. And not because I'm not loving them. You just know how it is...books constantly get pushed to the back burner for newer books! Jim and I have also started watching the movies as I finish each book in the series and we're quite enjoying them. 

-I recently just finished listening to Sophie Kinsella's, I've Got Your Number in my car while I'm out and about working, and I loved it! The story was fun and cute and the narrator was a pleasure to listen to.

-Last weekend I started at the top of my bookshelves and started scanning all my unread books into goodreads. I will never say I will stop buying books, but I thought if I had a real list of all the unread books I own, I might be more inclined to read more off this list. I'm only half way done scanning and I'm already at 80 owned and unread books. Sigh. This little project has only proven to raise my sense of feeling overwhelmed. But it's also nice to feel somewhat organized about my TBR.

The Stats:

Books read this year so far: 7

Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone (Readalong posts #1 & #2)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Readalong posts #1 & #2)
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Readalong posts #1 & #2)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Readalong posts #1 & #2 to come)
The Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowder
Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles #1) by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella (audio version)

Number of pages read: 2340

Percentage of fiction: 100%

Percentage of female authors read: 100%

Percentage of Canadian authors read: 14%

So let's bring on spring! As much as I love reading all snuggled up on the couch, I much prefer to sit outside on the deck and get lost in a book. Warm weather, I am ready for you!

What books did you read this winter? 
Do you prefer cozying up indoors to read or taking 
your book out into the sunshine?


  1. You've inspired me to do a number-crunching post soon! High-five for reading 100% female authors (though the readalong might have a little something to do with that?)

    I'm doing pretty well myself, with two books per month so far.

    I prefer reading indoors... see blog name... heaven is reading in bed. With snacks. That magically don't get crumbs in said bed.

    1. Haha - the stats part is my favourite part to do! ;) It would be even more exciting if I had read more books! And yes...I can thank JKR for helping out with that stat.

      I think two books is great - that seems to be about my norm...although I'd like to get to three. As much as I aim for four (one a week), I just can't seem to do it. Unless I were to only read short books, maybe...but who knows?!

      I used to do almost all my reading in bed when I was still single. I'd always read before bed and often on the weekends, I'd read in bed in the mornings before I would get up for the day. Now, if I try to stay up reading once Jim is in bed, he can't fall asleep and then he just keeps bugging me to turn off the lights. Sigh.

  2. Have you blogged about the Q&A book? Interesting!

    1. Not really...I did mention it in my 2013 goals post, but not in too much detail. You're giving me all these ideas for nice, quick posts tho! Haha.

  3. Yay for working out more, even with your day of defeat (because that was hilarious for me to read).

    1. I'm glad I could make people laugh! :) Thankfully, I have been prepared ever since!

  4. I love your resolutions update! Trying so hard not to bite my nails so I have a weekly nail painting ritual now. Also, a i had someone over so i threw all my clutter in a drawer. Next goal: organize drawer.

    In other words, I can definitely relate! Good luck!

    1. I actually had a manicure in February and it actually made my nails look not too shabby! I promised myself I would start going every 1-2 weeks because when they look that nice, I try harder not to bite them. Alas, I have not had another manicure lol.

      Good luck organizing that drawer! I've got one in the kitchen here that needs to be done too... :)

  5. I'm eager to sit on the deck with a book, too! *looks outside at the snow*

    You've been reading some good books so far this year! :) I am TERRIBLE at sticking to resolutions. Meh ... I guess I'm just human.

    Good luck!

    1. Ugh! Is winter ever going to go away?! Haha, I'm not good either at keeping them - but I sort of tried to pick things that I *knew* I could (would) work on regardless it they were a "resolution" or not! :)