May 30, 2014

Sullivan: 3 Months

three months

Dear Sullivan,

You are no longer our little newborn. May 21st you turned 3 months old. This past month you have changed so much that your daddy and I can hardly believe it. It is so much fun to watch you grow each day. You no longer want to be held like "a baby". You want to be held facing out so you can take in your surroundings. If anyone tries to hold you horizontal like a football, you let them know right away that you are not happy about this. You do enjoy being worn by me in your wrap or in our other front-carrier, but you hold your head up to look at everything around you until you succumb to sleep. Your neck is undoubtedly strong, despite you not liking tummy time all that much.

three months
three months 
bouncy chair

At 11 weeks, you weighed 11 lbs and 2 oz and were 23 inches long. Just a wee little guy. We worked really hard this past month to get your weight gain up as there was some concern that you weren't gaining fast enough. You're only in the 10th percentile for both height and weight, but someone has to be, right? Your thighs and cheeks are starting to fill out and your daddy and I have no doubt that you are just the way you were meant to be. You have just about grown out of all your newborn sleepers now and have moved on to your 0-3 month clothes although some are still a bit baggy on you. It has been hard to buy anything for you for the summer as I'm not sure what size you will be in once the hot weather finally rolls around. You are still wearing size 1 diapers and you had your first pee accident, except instead of getting me or your dad wet, you got yourself in the face! Oh the look of shock on your face was priceless! At least you no longer scream through diaper changes anymore.

While you are solely breastfed, you will take a bottle of expressed breast milk when needed. This allows me to still get out to things like book club, or the grocery store on my own, and lets you have some one on one time with your daddy. It's hard for me to leave you, but I'm never too far from home.

future engineer

You talk to us all the time now and often have lots of stories to tell your daddy and I. And you like to kick your little legs like crazy while cooing away at us. You love to smile with your whole face and we can't wait until you start laughing. You have your own thresholds when it comes to being in your bouncy seat or on your play mat. One minute you're kicking your legs, moving yourself about your mat and then the next second you are in full blown tears just wanting (needing) to be held. Your uncle Mikey bought us a big exercise ball so that we can bounce you in our arms on it and you just love it!

mommy and sully

You've been sleeping longer stretches at night now, but I haven't been able to bring myself to kick you out of our bed just yet. We aren't on any sort of schedule yet, putting you to bed when we go to bed, which is usually around 10:30. I think we are getting close to trying you in your crib, but to be honest, I love waking up next to you in the mornings. Waking up to your little stirring body and your full body stretches fills my heart with so much love and joy. I love how warm your little legs are when I take them out of your sleeper for your first diaper change of the day. Often, we both go back to sleep for morning nap, and I am so grateful for co-sleeping as mommy is not a morning person (yet!).

sully sleeping
good morning

This was a big month for you as your had your first set of immunizations. You took the needles (all 3!) like a champ, but I cried like a baby. You also had two big road trips to Red Deer to visit your cousins. While you love car rides, the hour and a half to Red Deer is just a little bit too long for you. At first I thought you were just getting hungry, but we have now come to realize that you only tolerate being in your car seat for so long and just want out of that thing. We are getting out in the stroller more often now that the weather is nice and you love being outside.

sully in the stroller 
Sullivan 3 months

Sully, you are already 1/4 of a year old! I can't wait to see what changes in you the next month brings.

Love you to the moon and back,
Your Mommy xoxo


  1. Awwww -- such a sweet post! Marko never took to a bottle -- good for Sully for being flexible to give you some time! We had Marko in his crib from the beginning, but his crib was in our room. Just before 8 months, we moved him into his own room...that was harder than I expected! But the perk was being able to read before bed again, since I could turn on the light without worrying about waking the baby! Still, to this day, when he wakes in the night, my hubby brings him into our bed. Sometimes he just falls back asleep, sometimes he has some milk first, but I totally agree with you that there is something truly wonderful about waking up with him in the morning! Especially on the weekends, when all three of us can just lounge together :)

  2. What a cutie! He has the most adorable smile!

  3. Oh my goodness i love him sooooo much <3 <3 <3 <3 <3