July 13, 2014

Saigon Sundays: Watermelon Days

Saigon loves watermelon. Well, he pretty much loves all fruit, but I'd have to say he loves watermelon the most. One of our favourite things to do during watermelon season is have Saigon eat watermelon right off the rind like a human would. It's pretty entertaining (we don't get out much),  and he's got the technique down pat.

pit bull eating watermelon

The pictures don't do this cuteness justice though.


  1. Oh my goodness, that is so cute!!!

  2. Haha awww this is so funny!!! He is the cutest thing omg his eyes get so big when he's excited!

  3. Aww, love it! We give our dogs watermelon. They're not fruit lovers, which sucks since the boy is on solids. Poor blueberries, strawberries, bananas, and nectarines all get left on the floor during cleanup! But they do love watermelon. Who doesn't though?

    Love Saigon Sundays!