October 29, 2015

Thinking Out Loud {#4}: Crafting Fails & Smart Husbands

This week has not been going according to plan. Monday evening, after having quite the productive day, I could just sense that I was going to wake up the next morning not feeling well. And I was right. I was hit with a bad head cold and all I wanted to do was sleep. Not so easy to do when you have a toddler to take care of.

When I'm not feeling 100% all my motivation goes out the window. Write a blog post? No thanks. Make dinner? Hell no. Shower? No. Tidy the house? Haha!! So needless to say, my house is in shambles, I haven't showered and we've been eating snack plates, cereal, and leftovers for the past two days.

Sick, Tired & Awesome meme
Wednesday was a bit of a better day. I had more energy, but, if given the choice, probably would have happily spent the day in bed. I did manage to work on my Halloween crafts though, a project and blog post I had originally planned to have done and posted yesterday. Whomp, whomp. Of course, no project ever goes as planned either, does it? The tutorial I found on pinterest that gave me the idea for one of the projects totally failed me. In it, it says to use E6000 glue to glue the hooks to the styrofoam heads. Well, I found out that you cannot, in fact, use this glue on styrofoam as it eats away at it and leaves a big hole where you put the glue. Google of course, confirmed this for me after the fact. Now my question is, how did this work for this person then?! Luckily, we already happened to have E6000 glue and I didn't waste money on buying it. At a loss for what to do, I waited until Jim got home and he was actually able to come up with a much better solution than the original instructions, so yay for smart husbands!

Crafting Meme
Speaking of smart husbands…on Tuesday, the worst day of my cold, I went to make my favourite flu-busting smoothie from the Oh She Glows cookbook. It's essentially oranges, lemon juice, and ginger all blended up. It's delicious! Well, I already had my oranges and lemon in the vitamix, but then I couldn't find my frozen piece of ginger I keep in the fridge for smoothies. Lightbulb moment! You see, on the weekend, Jim made a peanut butter smoothie and it came out tasting like one big ginger peanut drink which was seriously gross. He blamed me for not cleaning the vitamix well enough. I felt pretty bad and thought there must have been some ginger stuck under the blade that I didn't clean out. I apologized profusely! When I couldn't find my ginger in the freezer, that's when it dawned on me: Jim blended my entire chunk of ginger, mistaking it for a frozen banana!! I mean, it kind of looks like a banana when it's frozen, and in his defence, the container wasn't labelled, but come on! Men!

I feel like the worst of my cold is behind me though and I'm positive I will wake up tomorrow (Thursday), feeling almost back to my normal self. I've been drinking lots of smoothies, lots of tea, and upping my vitamin D intake. I'm trying to get to bed at a earlier time, which, even when sick, is hard for this night owl. I'm just grateful I don't have the flu!

As always, I'm linking up with Amanda this week for Thinking Out Loud.

Do your crafts always go according to plan? 

What are your go-to cold remedies?

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