February 29, 2016

Weekending: Fun with Friends

What a fun weekend full of good friends, delicious food, tons of laughs, BodyPump, movies, and ice cream! I've made some really great friends this past year since moving to Calgary and I was luckily enough to spend a big chunk of the weekend with them!


It was beautiful out on Friday, with temperatures in the high teens (Celsius), making you completely forget that it's still only February! Sully and I made sure to get out for a big walk around the neighbourhood (which literally takes forever because toddlers walk at a ridiculously slow pace), but the warm fresh air was so nice. That evening, I got in a BodyPump class and then spent the rest of the evening reading the new book I started (The Kitchen House - I can't put it down!) and went to bed the earliest I've been to bed on a Friday in a loooooong time. Early = 11:00p.m.! Ha!


Sully slept till 8 am, and I woke up feeling more refreshed than I have in weeks. We headed out for a walk shortly after breakfast thinking that the nice weather from the day before would still be hanging around, but we were in for a rude awakening. It was chilly and windy and we both had tears streaming down our face. And then later that afternoon it snowed! Crazy Alberta weather!

Toddler Walks

Later that afternoon, Kaella and London came over for a visit and dinner, and shortly after we were joined by Becky and Leigh. Around 6 p.m. we headed over to Ashley's house for her housewarming party. Ange and Jen were already there, and Kris even came all the way from Edmonton to join in the fun! I hadn't seen Kaella or Kris since our weekend in Waterton so it was so great to finally catch up in person. We played Cards of Humanity for most of the evening (so many inappropriate jokes that have to stay at the party), and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Cry laughing is seriously the best!

Housewarming Party

I don't remember what time Becky, Kris and I headed back to my place, but I do know we didn't crawl into bed until shortly after 1 a.m.!


After breakfast and coffee, we met up with the other girls, plus Laura and Jo!, for Sunday morning BodyPump! It was a super crowded class, but it's so much fun to workout alongside your girlfriends. It was Becky, Kris, and Leigh's first BodyPump class ever and I'm positive it won't be their last!

BodyPump with Friends

After the class, we headed over to Bow Valley Ranche for brunch, where I had the Elk and Wild Greens. It was something completely different than I would normally order and while the Elk salami was really spicy, it was a pretty tasty meal. I think next time though, I will be sure to get the Stuffed French Toast again!

Elk and Wild Greens at Bow Valley Ranche
Brunch at Bow Valley Ranche

Our group parted ways after brunch, but I convinced Becky to go see a movie with me, so we went and watched How to Be Single. I was glad I had been hearing positive reviews on it from my friends, but it was even better than I expected. I love when chick flicks are actually good and even touching (a few tears were shed between us!) I highly recommend seeing it if you haven't yet! After the movie, we drove a few blocks to Village Ice Cream, because Laura said we had to try it out. And I'm so glad we listened to her! After sampling a few different flavours (they were ALL delicious!), we both chose the snickerdoodle ice cream and I'm pretty sure it was the best ice cream I've ever eaten. I will definitely be returning with Sully and Jim!

Village Ice Cream YYC

The rest of the evening was spent going for a family walk, watching the Oscars, reading more of my book, and blogging! I'm happily exhausted from the weekend's activities so meal-planning and grocery shopping will just have to wait until tomorrow!

How was your weekend?

Favourite 'chick-flick'? 

Favourite brunch food? I think I'm the only person out there who doesn't like Eggs Benedict (I dislike Hollandaise sauce with a passion!). 

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