January 17, 2017

Christmas 2016

I know, I know, Christmas 2016 is so last year. Ha! But in the spirit of playing catchup in this space of mine, and since I love having these recaps to look back on, here's a little look at how we spent our Christmas.

There's not a lot to report on. Being in my last month of pregnancy for December, I was tired, sore and not in a condition to do a whole lot. It was also cold and a lot of my energy was spent on preparing for baby. We didn't get out to do really anything Christmas related, other than to visit Santa (which was probably the highlight of the month if I'm being honest - the visit went better than I could have ever hoped for!). Activities like tobogganing were out of the question for me (plus we didn't get snow until Christmas rolled around), skating was out and even anything including much walking was challenging for me. We did drive through Spruce Meadows Christmas Lights, but it was far too cold to get out to walk around. Anyway, our time was spent at home, as a family, and I know we have many Christmases ahead of us to do all the things!

Jim's parents arrived just before Christmas and spent the holidays at our place. My dad wasn't able to make it up this year because he ended up getting sick and the roads were pretty bad. Ange joined us again for Christmas Day dinner, as did my sister-in-law and our 3 nephews. It was a packed house and I love it that way!

Of course, I have very little photos to show for it. I tried to be really present over the holidays which meant I wasn't pulling my phone out to take very many photos. Another year and no family photo! Ack, must improve upon that next year.

Thanks to everyone who sent us a Christmas card! I loved them all. I promise that next year I will be more organized and send one in return ;)

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