January 18, 2012


Hi, my name is Brie, and I`m a bookaholic.

I love spending an hour at a big Chapters bookstore and just browsing the shelves and bargain section. It`s peaceful and relaxing (especially on a day like today where it`s -30 degrees outside), and you`re bound to come across some great finds.  Even though my TBR (to be read) pile is constantly growing, I can never turn down a great find. And I do believe one can never have too many books :)

I have heard stories from my friend`s where they hide shopping bags in their cars, and cut tags off of clothes immediately, to try and fool their significant other`s from their spending sprees. I do this, but with books. Books are my guilty pleasure. I often sneak books into the house, remove any stickers, destroy receipts and hide the books in my bookshelf. I`m sure my husband is on to me, but sometimes the sneaking just feels bad-ass ;)

Here`s what I snuck into the house tonight:

From left to right, clockwise: An Abundance of Katherines by John Green; The Eat Clean Diet for Family & Kids by Tosca Reno; The Bride`s Farewell by Meg Rosoff; The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox by Maggie O`Farrell on audio book. 

These three books, plus one audio book cost me $14.73! (All bargain books). John Green is a well-known young-adult author and just had a new book released, The Fault In Our Stars, which I plan to review on the blog in the next few weeks. I have most of Tosca Reno`s Eat-Clean cookbooks and I was excited to add this one to my clean-eating collection. Meg Rosoff is not an author I am familiar with, but the cover caught my eye and the summary on the inside flap sealed the deal (taking place in the 19th century, a young bride-to-be, taking only her horse, flees from her home the morning of her wedding, seeking answers to the untold story of her past).

And last, but not least: The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox on audio book. I have never listened to an audio book. At first I felt like it was cheating because you aren't really reading, but after reading other book blogs, I have accepted it is reading, just in a different form. So I decided that I want to start listening to books when I`m driving to work and back. But audio books are EXPENSIVE if bought in the store. And I don`t have an Edmonton library card yet. And I lost my iPod so I can`t download anything onto it either. (Excuses, excuses, excuses!) But then I stumbled across this one at Chapters and it was marked down to five bucks! I wouldn't have given it a second glance if it had not been for a conversation I recently had on Twitter with someone who recommended this book to me. Yay for Twitter!

So there you go! My successful shopping trip to Chapters. These trips make me happy. Books make me happy. So do new shoes. Tell me, what`s your guilty pleasure?

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  1. My most recent "Guilty Pleasure" was staying up to 2:00 am last night to finish reading "Finding Jack", by Gareth Crocker. I too have my piles of books around me, I would feel lost without them. Books are my "drug" of choice!