January 15, 2012

Sunday Funday!

Sunday's are my favourite day of the week. Not Friday, the start of the weekend, and not Saturday, when you know you still have one day left in the weekend. Sunday is the one day that I almost never have any commitments. I generally work Saturday's at the bookstore, so Sunday`s I get to spend all day with my husband and Saigon. We often don`t accomplish much, but it never feels like a wasted day.

Jim and I both love to sleep. And so does Saigon. We joke that Saigon loves the weekends too because he's more than happy to sleep in as long as we want to. He never wakes us up to be fed or do his business. Lounging in bed Sunday morning with my little family is one of my favourite parts of the day.

It's rare that we make plans to leave the house. If we do go out, it's usually spur of the moment. "Hey, let's go to a movie!", or "I feel like a 'real' coffee today...", etc. Most of the time we putter around the house, read, watch a TV show on DVD, make several pots of coffee, and if Jim`s lucky, I`ll even shower ;)

Today of all days, (it`s minus 20 degrees outside - our coldest day of the year so far!), we decided to venture outside! First we went to Cora for breakfast. Ymmmmm Cora! The first time I ever went to Cora was in Nova Scotia and I had this amazing baked brie with apple and walnuts dish. It was heaven. Sadly, this was not on the menu today. I really wanted to order the banana and chocolate crepe, but Jim said I couldn't have that for my first meal of the day. What a party pooper. So I ordered the Ode to Oatmeal. I knew if anyone could do oatmeal right, it`s Cora. And my, it was goooood oatmeal.
Ode to Oatmeal

Jim had the Western Crepomelette with hollandaise sauce (with a side of baked beans, not pictured):

Afterwards we headed to the mall to take in Jim`s new lulu lemon pants to get hemmed. And I managed to leave the store without buying a thing! Shopping in the dead of winter is always tough...it`s too cold to leave your coat in the car, but it`s so annoying to wear or carry your coat while you are in the mall.

We made it home after spending an hour poking our heads into stores and decided to bundle up and take Saigon out for a walk. Pretty sure we spent more time bundling up then we actually did out on the walk!  Even Saigon got all dressed up:
Check out my new boots!
Since then, we've all been snuggling on the couch, sipping wine and watching the movie Super 8. Did I mention I love Sundays?


  1. Love your blog Brie! We often like the same books-should I read The Help? Maybe you will read "The Good Dog", and review it. I am spreading the word about you...

    1. Yes, you should definitely read The Help! I still find myself thinking about the characters from that book, and how they are doing and what they are up to...much in the same way someone thinks about their long-lost friends.

      I can absolutely read The Good Dog! :)