April 30, 2014

Sullivan: Two Months

two months

Our little Sullivan turned two months old on April 21. Two months. I can already hear the broken record that I will become - how can another month have passed so quickly? This little man is growing up before our very eyes and it blows my mind how I can see changes in him every day. When you look down at your baby in your arms, you think they are going to remain that size and shape for a long time, but then each day, you realize they are changing quicker than you are able to accept. It's a fascinating experience.

sullivan sullivan sullivan

Dear Sullivan, at two months you:

> weigh almost 10 pounds. You love to eat, but have been a bit of a slow gainer.
> are still wearing most of your newborn sleepers. You've grown out of a few of them, but only because you are long and have long arms. The next size up sleepers are still a bit big and when I put you in one, I often find both your legs in one of the sleepers legs.
> have finally graduated to size 1 diapers at around 7 weeks.
> have started smiling, big grinning smiles, right around the time when your Aunty Vanessa came for a visit, when you were 6 weeks old. There is no better feeling than when you smile at me or your daddy.
> are really strong! You can hold your head up for several seconds at a time when I am holding you against my chest.
> are a little kicking machine. You can scooch yourself quite a ways across the floor, on the bed and out of a swaddle just from your kicks. Your dad and I get quite a kick (pun intended!) out of watching your little legs just a motor.
> are enjoying baths more since we got you a wash pod.
> love to be worn by me in your wrap. You have some of your best naps in it.
> still enjoy car rides but only when the car is moving.
> are becoming more and more squirmy and noisy during feedings, with your top leg often kicking out into arabesque. Maybe you'll be a dancer like your mommy after all.
> have been getting out of the house all the time now, including outings to IKEA with your Aunty Patty, the grocery store, the mall for shopping dates, Boston Pizza for lunch dates and lots of trips to Gramma's place.

sullivan smiles
tummy time

Sully, different people tell me you look like me, or you look like your daddy. I just see you. This perfect little being, with the most perfectly shaped head. Your hair comes in more and more everyday, with it being blonder on top, and more orangey-red in the back. In the hospital, the nurses affectionately called you the little ginger baby. You have the biggest, bluest eyes and the cutest button nose. Ten perfectly, long fingers and ten perfect little toes. We love you so.

tiny toes


  1. Sully literally has the best face! I honestly don't think I've seen a baby with so much character in their face before! I love when bloggers do these because you'll always have them to look back on and remember their first months- it's like a modern age baby book, only way better :)

    1. That's exactly why I'm doing them :) I like to do these posts for family members, but mostly because it's a great way to have a journal of sorts to look back on…and I hope that one day Sully will enjoy reading these posts.

  2. Vanessa BinickiMay 09, 2014 1:01 pm

    I could look at these adorable pictures every day :) xoxoxo