December 21, 2014

Sullivan: 9 Months

nine months old

Dear Sullivan,

By now, it's obvious that I've fallen a bit behind with your monthly posts. These are some of my favourite posts to write though, going through all my little notes I quickly jot down during the month, in efforts to not forget any little detail I want to cherish for all of time. These posts are a little bitter-sweet to write. Every day with you brings something new, and your growing both physically and mentally at warp speeds right before our very eyes. It's an amazing thing to witness. But at the same time, some days I want to freeze time - to keep you at one size and at one stage for a just a little bit longer. Sometimes it seems almost unfair that you have to do so much growing and changing in this first year - can't we slow it down and spread it out? I'm not ready for you to be a walking, talking toddler in just a few more short months!

morning light morning night
climbing stairs climbing stairs

This month you have turned into one busy, busy little boy! You have been pushing yourself around backwards all over the house, only stopping once you get stuck in a corner. It's pretty impressive how well you could get around this way! It seemed like you were never going to forward crawl, but after several weeks of pushing yourself around with your arms and rocking on all fours, you officially started crawling on November 1 and you haven't looked back! From a crawling position, you can even push yourself into a sitting one. You are pulling yourself up on everything and anything. From end tables, to your crib, to laundry baskets, to your toys, to the bookshelves, to my name it, you try to pull yourself up on it! It's both exciting and terrifying. And a huge wake-up call to our totally un-babyproofed home.

crawling nine months looking for toys climbing up bookshelves

Your appetite has been off the charts this month! You went from enjoying solid foods to temper tantrums in the highchair when the food doesn't get on your try, or in your mouth, fast enough! I've learnt to have the food ready before I put you in your highchair. You've developed quite the pincher grip, and hand eye coordination. Peas are your favourite food to eat and it's so adorable to watch you shovel them into your mouth with alternating hands. Your second bottom tooth has also finally come in and while it was sad to say goodbye to your gummy smile, your two little teeth are so darn cute! I'm still nursing you, but only every 4 -5 hours during the day and usually once in the middle of the night. I guess all this eating has paid off because this month you weighed 18 pounds and 15 ounces with a height of 28 inches! You've completely grown out of all your 3-6 months clothing, although it's still a challenge to find pants that fit your skinny little waist.

nine months old

We spent two nights in a fancy hotel in Calgary and you were a dream to travel with - sleeping the entire 3 hour trip both ways. You had no problems sleeping in the hotel room and you even napped! (Miracle!). We went swimming in the hotel pool and had it all to ourselves. We even took you out to your first restaurant dinner at The Keg. I ordered you your own little plate of food, but you were only interested in eating my mashed potatoes and flirting with the people at the table behind us.

swimming at the Delta in Calgary post-swimming naps post-swimming naps

You are quite the little social butterfly, especially when other babies are in the room. You love to grab at them and have even planted a few open mouthed kisses on unsuspecting babies. I try and work on "gentle" with you as you like to slap everyone on their head, but you just laugh when I do this.

dance class dance class barre class adventures of sully and harrison

Halloween also happened this month and we dressed you up as a bat and I have never seen anything cuter in my life! A few days before Halloween we had a little party with all of your friends from our New Mom's group and then we stopped in Red Deer on our drive home from Calgary so we could take you trick-or-treating with your big cousins. You were a great sport as we carried you door to door with them, taking in all the costumes and decorations.

baby bat

At the beginning of November, you battled your very first fever, which lasted for a few days. It was heartbreaking to see you so uncomfortable and your daddy and I felt pretty helpless. We didn't do much for those three days, other than lay on the couch together. You've always been a very cuddly baby, but with the fever you became inseparable. Luckily, you recovered within a few days, but I hope it's a long, long time before I have to see you so sick again.

cuddles cuddles

Sully, my dear baby, every month your personality develops further and your daddy and I just can't get over how funny, interested and curious you are about everything. You remind us to slow down and enjoy all the little things in life. Seeing the world through your eyes is both a blessing and an honour.

nine months old nine months old nine months old nine months old

I love you to the moon and back,
Mommy, xoxo


  1. Such a sweet post. I love his bandana scarf in the last picture. He's such a cute little man!!