January 01, 2015

A Very Fraser Christmas 2014

I know, it's technically 2014, and I should be posting something about my goals and resolutions for this new year, but the baby is sleeping* (it's a Christmas miracle!) and Jim is doing manly chores (not to be confused with womanly chores) around the house (his words, not mine), and I want to catch up on our life here for a short moment. The month of December flew by and while we didn't get out to do as many Christmas related activities I had hoped we would,  we did make it to the Leduc Country Christmas lights and of course, we visited Santa at the mall. I'm sure no one needs to read another post about Christmas, but how can I not speak briefly about our first Christmas as a family of three?!

Leduc Country Christmas Lights 2014
{Leduc Country Christmas Lights 2014}

santa visit 2014

Together, Jim and I have spent our Christmases all over the place, from his folks place in Nova Scotia, to our home in BC, to my sister-in-law's home in Red Deer, to warm Christmases in Florida, and now, to our home in Edmonton. Some years we put up a tree, some years we didn't. Some years I've had to work on Christmas day, this year I didn't. We generally just go with the flow for Christmas holidays and we even discussed heading south this year, but in the end, we decided we really wanted to wake up Christmas morning, just the three of us, in our own home. And that is exactly what we did.

Christmas 2014
{Our little Christmas tree; our stockings; and curious, little fingers}

We know Sully won't remember his first Christmas, but we will. It was so nice to be on our own time line Christmas morning. We lounged in bed until our tummies told us it was time to eat. We opened our stockings slowly and our Christmas presents even slower. In fact, Jim and I waited until the eve of Christmas Day to open our gifts, not on purpose mind you, but in hindsight, it was the perfect end to the day.

With our families dispersed across North America this year, we had only my Dad and my brother over for turkey dinner. As I'm sure anyone with a young baby can attest to, it's always a bit of a relief when you don't have to pack up a million things to head somewhere else for dinner. Sully had a really rough day (the worst yet!) of teething that afternoon and I was thankful to be in the comfort of our own home.  As a result, we took almost no photos, and while I was disappointed after the fact, it is what it is! I have to remind myself that the memories can still exist even when the photos don't.

opening stockings Christmas morning 2014

So all in all, we had a lovely, quiet Christmas at home. And being at home with my little family is my favourite place to be. I hope everyone else out there had their own perfect Christmas, wherever that may have been!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

*the baby WAS sleeping, but never for quite long enough...


  1. Aww the pictures of Sully opening his stocking! SO sweet :) We used to travel all over for Christmas also, but I like staying at home now that we have our own little family. Making new traditions is so much fun! :)

    1. I used to love traveling for Christmas, but I can see wanting to stay home for the next few ones, especially as we start our own new traditions! Sully was a little young this year, but next year I'm already excited for the things we will do! :)

  2. My husband kept asking why I made a big deal about Christmas this year and I told him it was totally for me! And the baby book.

  3. Oh gosh, those MANLY chores. My husband is the same! And he vocalizes it as well. Lol.

    Children or not, I'm ALL for staying home for Christmas. I just love the snow and the carols and the tree and snuggling up with hot chocolate and holiday movies ... you just don't get that when you're traveling!

    Christmas was a lot of fun this year ... I think I was the most excited! Lol ... next year will be even more fun as he gets older. :)