May 09, 2016

My Birthday Weekend Recap!

What a busy and fun weekend I had! So busy in fact, that I could just not muster the energy to finish up this post last night, instead opting for a 9p.m. bedtime. That's right, this night owl was fast asleep hours before midnight! And I'm so glad I did because I feel so much more rested this cool and blustery Monday morning.


Friday was my birthday! I love being surrounded by people on my birthday and Friday did not disappoint. Sully and I spent the day at home together, and then my aunt came over in the afternoon, and surprised me with these beautiful flowers from my mom! (Thanks, Mom!!)
She hung out with us for a few hours until Jim got home from work, and then we we were joined by Becky and Liam, and Ange for the night! Becky brought all the fixings for a delicious BBQ dinner, and Ange brought buns and dessert in the form of Jelly Modern Doughnuts (and gifted me a beautiful bracelet from Stella & Dot!)! Jim always talks about these certain "fancy" donuts from a place near his work, but has yet to actually bring one home for me, so I was so excited that Ange brought a whole bunch of different flavours for us to try! (I have a week spot for donuts if you couldn't tell). Once the two younger boys were in bed, we spent the rest of the evening chatting and drinking before heading to bed sometime after 11.
Jelly Modern Doughnuts


Saturday, after a big breakfast, we all headed out to the East Village for the Inaugural St Patrick's Island 4k Fun Run. A bunch of my running buds were running it too, so it was great to meet up with everyone! Jim and Sully also tagged along to cheer us on. In efforts to keep this post short, I will recap the event in another post!
St Patrick's Island Fun Run
St Patrick's Island Fun Run
Saturday was a gorgeous day out! Too hot for a run in my opinion, but it was nice to actually be outside enjoying it. The East Village is an area of Calgary I have yet to explore, and it's gorgeous down there. The trails and parks around the river have recently been rebuilt and there's lots to do and explore. We will definitely be back to spend more time down there!

After taking the train home, Sully went straight upstairs for a nap, and Becky and I hung out for a bit longer before her and Liam took off back to Red Deer. While Sully was napping, Jim and I got on the first coat of paint in Sully's new bedroom. The rest of the evening was spent at home hanging out.


I had another run on my schedule, so I was up and out the door just before 8a.m. My aunt had asked me to run the Mother's Day 5K Run with her so I caught the bus to the train, and met up with them at Chinook mall at 8:30a.m. We ran the whole race together which was really nice to do! Her husband ran the 10k and killed it. It was a great morning, even if my cheer squad wasn't there. I'll probably recap this run in another post too!
Mother's Day Run YYC
After the race, I headed into the mall and picked up some summer clothes for Sully, before heading back to the train station. When I got off the train, I realized that the bus to take me home wasn't due for almost 20 minutes so I said screw it, and decided to walk the 3km home. It was such a beautiful day for it and it was great to stretch my legs and get in some more steps! (Overall, I walked/ran almost 15km on Sunday!).

When I finally arrived home, Sully was still napping, so I showered and got ready to go out for an early Mother's Day dinner. Jim asked me what I wanted and I said Pho, so we found a place that was open on Sunday's, not too far from our house. The service was great and Sully had a blast slurping up the noodles. The Pho wasn't the best I've had, but it wasn't bad either.
We came home, had some more birthday cake, and Jim tried to give me the card he helped Sully make for me. All I wanted for Mother's Day was a homemade card and I couldn't believe what a good job my boys did! Sully is currently going through the stage where one learns about possession, and everything is "mine", "Mommy's" or "Daddy's", so he didn't actually want me to hold or have the card, haha!
Homemade Mother's Day Card
We then spent the evening hanging out in our bed, watching TV, reading books and Skyping with Jim's parents. At 9p.m., I told Jim I was done for the day and needed to get to sleep. Sometimes I hate going to bed on Sundays, because it's admitting that the weekend is finally over, but after such an awesome weekend, full of good company, good food and tons of activity, I went to sleep with a full and grateful heart.

Thanks again to all my friends and family for all the phone calls, texts and messages wishing me a happy birthday, and thanks to everyone who made my birthday and birthday weekend that much more special! Love you all! xoxo

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