May 02, 2016

Weekending: Getting Things Done!

As far as weekend recaps go, this one is far from exiting, but I missed posting one last week, so I thought, why not catch you guys up on what's going on around here?!

This was the first weekend in a long time where we had absolutely no outside commitments or visitors or places we needed to be. Since May is turning out to be a pretty jam-packed month, we knew we needed to get cracking on some home projects that have been put on the back-burner but are driving me crazy for not being done.

But let's back up to Friday!


Friday, Sully and I met up with Alison, Leigh, Nicole and all their kiddos for a morning at the zoo! It was a pretty chilly and windy day, but we hadn't been to the zoo since February, so it was great to get out and explore. Plus, it's so much fun to see Sully recognize animals that we've been reading about in books. He couldn't stop telling Jim about the "penguins in the water!" all evening.


Saturday, after a few really good meltdowns (Sully's, not mine, although I was tempted, let me tell you!), I took Sully to the park by our house while Jim ran out to the paint store. Once he got back, Sully went down for a nap and we painted the inside of our main floor closet. So funny story about this front closest: when we moved into the house, I opened the closet door to start hanging up coats only to be met with a completely empty closet. No shelves, no rod, nothing. Luckily, I had taken photos of literally everything in the house when we had gone back to look at it again before making an offer and when I pulled up the picture of this closet, I realized the owners had just had removable wire shelving in it, and no rod. I hadn't paid close enough attention because all of their closets were so jam-packed with stuff, plus, who doesn't have a permanent rod put into their front closet?!

Anyway, this obviously hasn't bothered us enough to get one put in any sooner (we have a mud room so it's not the end of the world), but it's definitely a project that needs to get done. The inside of the closet was beige and really banged up, so we painted it white, and Jim will build shelving for it.

Second paint project of the day: there is this big cutout in the hallway wall leading from the front entrance to the kitchen and family room area and I've struggled since day one with what to do with the space. The previous owners had a big photo hanging in it, but I just wasn't sold on that idea. Then one day it just came to me that I wanted to paint the recessed area with chalkboard paint! I love the idea of having a space where I can decorate it for the appropriate holiday or just get creative. We painted the first coat that night and of course my trusty little side-kick had to help me tape off the area.

We ended the night by watching the worst Jason Statham movie ever. I mean, if you are a fan of his movies, they are all pretty good, but this one, Wild Card, was just awful. Near the end of the movie I realized I hadn't actually gotten a workout in, so I hopped out of bed and did a 15-minute Bedtime Yoga video.


Sunday morning, after we had breakfast, I headed out to a BodyPump class and when I got home
we went to the park, and then while Sully napped, we painted the closet of one of our extra rooms upstairs, which will actually become Sully's new bedroom. We have a little office upstairs as well, and while we had primed it months ago, we finally slapped on a fresh coat of paint today as well. And a second coat of chalkboard paint on the little niche, but we think we might have to do a third. I'll see what it looks like tomorrow when the sun is out again.

We did some other household things (cleaned behind the stove, patched holes in walls, vacuumed, etc). All so very exciting, I know! Jim also changed the oil in his motorcycle, so that was probably the highlight of Sully's day since he's obsessed with that thing and will take any opportunity to sit on it!

The house looks like a disaster zone, but things always look worse before they look better, right? Either way, that's what I'm telling myself. Sully's finally in bed, and now Jim and I plan to watch a movie (my pick!).

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Tell me something fun you did this weekend! 

Have you ever been on a motorcycle ride? Would you go? 

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