May 16, 2016

Weekending: Eat, Run, Surf

I was pretty sure I couldn't top last weekend's fun, but I was wrong! I was exhausted last night which means I chose my bed and my current read over blogging. Which are good priorities to have, don't get me wrong! But I do love having these recaps to look back on.

ANYWAY! Another jam-packed weekend in the books. I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!


To kick off the weekend, I met my Calgary Book Club at an Indian restaurant near-by, Moti Mahal, to discuss May's Book, The Hero's Walk by Anita Rau Badami. Since I was running a race the next morning, I decided to keep it safe with my food choice, and went with the butter chicken, naan bread and jasmine rice. It did not disappoint! I got to sample a few of the other ladies dishes and everything was delicious. I already can't wait to go back.
Butter Chicken with Naan and Rice @ Moti Mahal YYC


Ange picked me up bright and early and we headed over to Sicome Lake in Fish Creek Park for the first race of the 5 Peaks Trail Race Series. It was my first trail race ever and I loved it! I'll recap the race later this week.
5 Peaks Trail Race #1 (Sicome Lake)
After the race, Ange dropped me at home and I had just enough time to shower and snuggle with Sully before his nap, before heading downtown to meet up for lunch at Craft Beer Market with some friends. It was the last day for the Burger Fest and since none of us wanted to miss out, we all ended up ordering the competition burger: The Backyard Burger. This thing was insane! We all kind of sat there for a few seconds unsure of how to attack eating such a big burger! It was delicious though, and while I'm usually not a fan or messy foods or chips on my burger, Hickory Sticks takes the burger experience to the next level.

The Backyard Burger at Craft Beer Market YYC
{The Backyard Burger: Beef & Bacon Patty on a Velvet Fog Brioche bun, with Tomato and Chili Relish, Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, & Pickles, topped with an Apple-Dijon Aioli, Smoked Cheddar, & House Made Hickory Sticks}

After Craft, Becky and I headed back to my place where we just relaxed on the back deck with Jim and his friend. Eventually the boys got hungry so they ran out to the grocery store and came back with ingredients to make homemade burgers (more burgers!!). And after hearing us rave about our burgers, Jim also bought a bag of Hickory Sticks, haha.

We ended the evening playing a million rounds of my favourite game ever - Dutch Blitz.


Sully bless his little heart, slept in until 10:30! Everyone was up by that point, and Jim fixed us up breakfast before Becky and I hit the road to a private Surf Set class at Illume Hot Yoga with the Blog Squad. Surf Set was by far the most fun workout I have ever tried! I will have my full recap up tomorrow. After the class, some of us walked over to Pour Beer Market for appies and drinks.
Surf Set class at Illume Hot Yoga YYC
Once I was back home, I helped Jim finish installing the new ceiling fan in Sully's new bedroom, and then we took Sully out on his new bike. This was only his second time out and he's already Mister Independent. We don't dare offer to help him! He goes slow, but he's definitely got the hang of it already!
Strider Bike for Toddlers
We wrapped up the evening with a light dinner, a bath for Sully, and then I crawled into bed just after 9 where I read before passing out.

I love weekends like this - full of good food, good friends and fun activities!

How was your weekend? 

Have you ever had Hickory Sticks on a burger? You need to! 

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