August 26, 2016

Sully Says Vol. II

It's been five months since I did my first Sully Says post and I can't get over how much his speech and vocabulary has changed! He is no longer saying just words or short sentences. He talks non-stop all day long, asks tons of questions and is actually quite bossy (he comes by it honestly though!).
Here's some of my favourite things he's been saying lately:

Sully: What you got mama?!
Me: It’s cinnamon! 
Sully: OH! Cinnamon!
Me: Here, smell it!
Sully: “Mmm I LUB cinnamon!"

Whenever I offer him a bite of my food:
Me: Here, try a bite of this.
Sully: No sanks! I can't yike that!

Dat's SPICY! After insisting he wanted a lemon slice.

Me: Did you poop?
Sully: No!
Me: Are you lying?
Sully: No, I'm Su-yee! (Sully)

Me: What's in mama's belly?
Sully: A baby's in mama's belly! I see it?!
Me: No, you can't see it yet.
Sully: IT'S GONE!

It's so windy! On my head! I need go inside!
Looking at a bull at the livestock exhibit at the Stampede:
Sully: Look! It's a sheep...or maybe a pig.

Climbing at the park:
Sully: Be careful honey, be careful.

Take this off! It hurts my boobies! Referring to his car seat straps.

When he should be sleeping:
GOODNIGHT! I LUB YOU! GO TO BED! and repeat over and over.

Turn the fan off mama! Turn it off! When we were driving with the sunroof open.

One weekend we drove to the mountains and told Sully we would have a picnic when we got there. I laid out our snacks on a picnic table and Sully just sat there with a huge look of disappointment on his face and says: I want a pig-nic! Where's the pig-nic?!

Oh no! It's raining out! Da TUNDER IS COMING! Big tunder, mama, a big one!

Me: Did you have a good nap?
Sully: Yup! But I can't sleep no more. I not tired now. 

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