August 16, 2016

Book Club Postponed to Tomorrow!

Hey Bookworms!

If you're here, that's probably because it's supposed to be book club day and you're expecting a discussion post all about Keep Me Posted. I am currently visiting my grandma out on her farm and a blogger's worst nightmare has just happened: I forgot to bring my laptop charger with me. And I'm sorry, there's just no way I can crank out a Book Club post on my phone! Actually, I wouldn't even know how to do that, not to mention, I'm still sporting a phone that has a severely cracked screen, so ya, that's not happening!

Anyway, I'm sorry to delay the discussion, but come back tomorrow and we will talk all about Keep Me Posted! (Or maybe this is a blessing in disguise because you need an extra day to finish the book, haha!)

I better schedule t this post before my 5% battery life is completely gone ;)

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