August 15, 2016


I am pleased to be partnering with Yogathon Rise for a Cause to help bring awareness to this event. 
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On Saturday, August 20th, the 5th annual Yogathon will be taking place across more than 50 cities worldwide. Calgary just so happens to be one of the 12 Canadian cities this event is taking place in. Yogathon Rise for a Cause is program that benefits disadvantaged children in India by providing them with free education. I have never participated in this event before, but I am more than honoured to be partaking in the Yogathon this upcoming weekend. 

Yogathon Rise for a Cause is more than just a fundraiser though. Its goal is to build community while also raising awareness about children and their right to receive an education. Sometimes it's easy to forget that not everyone in this world is so fortunate as to have access to an education program. And I know that I often take for granted my own education and how easy it was to achieve. Unfortunately, for many kids in the world, receiving an education isn't a right. When Yogathon approached me to help spread the word about this powerful initiative taking place right in my own city, I knew it was a cause I wanted to stand behind. There's no denying that education equals opportunity, and if I can help bring more awareness to Yogathon Rise for a Cause, then I know I will have helped make a difference.

Through Care for Children, more than 53,000 underprivileged youth in rural India will gain access to education in more than 425 free schools. This in turn will provide these children with the tools, knowledge, skills and confidence to better assist them in shaping better lives for their futures. And not just their futures, but those of their families as well.
Saturday's Yogathon is a sun-salutation challenge. The challenge being to complete 108 sun-salutations along with yogis (beginner to advanced), from all over the world! Stephen Avenue will be transformed into one big outdoor yoga studio! The challenge will be lead by some of Calgary's top Yoga instructors.

So if you don't already have plans this Saturday, I hope you will come join myself and my good friend (and fellow blogger) Ange while we participate in the Yogathon and help bring awareness to this wonderful cause! If I can challenge my pregnant self to do 108 sun-salutations, you can too! I hope to see you there!


PRE-REGISTER HERE: There is a $25 sponsorship fee towards Care for Children.
WHEN: Saturday, August 20th, 2016 from 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
WHERE: 100 Stephen Ave SE, Calgary

If you're interested in participating in this global event outside of Calgary, you can check HERE to see if Yogathon is happening in your city!

For more information and news regarding Yogathon, you can follow along on their social media sites:

Have you ever participated in Yogathon?

Let me know if I can look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

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