March 18, 2016

Sully Says

I have been waiting a long time to finally be able to do a post like this! I've always enjoyed similar posts from my friends, and I knew I wanted to capture the things Sully says in a similar fashion.  Toddler speak never fails to amuse me, and even though Sully's vocabulary is just beginning, I don't ever want to forgot the way he says some words or expressions. Two is such a fun age and everyday he is saying more and more. Some days I can't wait till he can express himself better verbally, but then other days I don't ever want these early days of talking to go away. It's just too sweet and funny!

Sully Says Volume 1

Here are some of the words and phrases (or "conversations") that Sully's been saying/we've been having, that Jim and I have been getting quite the kick out of:

Me: "Can I have a kiss?"
Sully: "NO kiss!"
Me: "Please??"
Sully: "NO pwease!"

Sully Says Volume 1

"Tu-tu cheese": Cottage Cheese

"Yo-we": Yogurt

"Nacks!": Snacks (but more particularly, for crackers).

"Iss": His soother (no idea why he adamantly calls it that!).

"Close de doe-ie": Close the door.

"Dada on da twain!": Everyday we pick up Jim from the train station, and now whenever we are out in public, Sully tells everyone his Daddy is on the train.

"Nice! Ees nice!": whenever he pats babies on the head, strokes clothing or anything soft.

Sully Says Volume 1

"Mo-bo bike! Yike Daddeez!": Sully is obsessed with Jim's motorcycle, and says this whenever we see a motorcycle out while driving.

"Ees gone!!": After anything is finished/over/gone.

"Ees here! Yets go!": When we get wherever we are driving to.

"Ees a mess! Ees a mess!"After he spills anything, throws his toys, or sees a "mess", complete with the action of waving his arms to show me said mess.

Sully Says Volume 1

Sully can repeat the entire alphabet back to us (and identify most of the alphabet on his own), but sometimes when we ask him to repeat the alphabet and he doesn't want to it goes like this:

Me: "A"
Sully: "NO A!"
Me: "B"
Sully: "NO B!"
etc for the entire alphabet!

Needless to say, this kid cracks us up on the daily, and I can't wait to see what other great and funny things he starts to say.

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