March 11, 2016

Fitness Friday: A Solid Week

Another week, another round of workouts under my belt! It's been a good week. I got in all my workouts, my meal planning was a success (meaning, not only did I cook dinner every night with an actual plan, but all our meals were delicious!), and I logged in almost 10,000 steps every day. No complaints from me for this week!

Fitness Friday via A Slice of Brie

  • BodyPump at GoodLife Fitness. I made it there after Jim got home from work with a minute to spare!  I really wanted to make it to the class because I knew I wouldn't be able to go on the weekend since my friend Karen and her kids were coming for a visit. (12,905 steps!)

Saturday & Sunday:
  • Off. Unless you count running after kids at the playground and going for walks?! Saturday I logged 11,146 steps so not too shabby, but Sunday was literally a complete day of rest and I only got in just over 4,000 steps, ha!

  • Usually, I take Monday's off because I've gone to BodyPump on Sunday and Monday's are for grocery shopping and Sully's library program. But most importantly, Monday's are reserved for The Bachelor date nights with my girlfriends. Priorities! Since I didn't work out all weekend, I got in in 2.36 miles on the treadmill. I'm still following Ashley's 5K training plan to work on building up my running base. So this run looked like this: 5 min walking warm-up; walk x1 min/run x 1 min x 10;  5 minute walking cool-down. (10,857 steps)
  • For supper I made Vegetable Beef & Rice Soup and it was so delicious! Out of all the meals I made this week, it's the only one Sully happily gobbles up. And the recipe makes a ton, so it's been perfect for lunches and I still had enough to freeze a few containers. I will definitely be making this one frequently. 

  • BodyFlow at GoodLife Fitness. I'm really loving this class! My abs are still sore from it. (10,103 steps)
  • Supper was Sweet Potato & Black Bean Quinoa Bowls, except I totally forgot to buy black beans, so we went without. These were delicious and filling and so easy to make. Also, I need to start roasting my sweet potato in cubes like this more often - so, so good! 

  • 2.7 mile treadmill run: 5 minute walking warm-up; walk x 1 minute/run x 1 minute x 12; 5 minute walking cool-down. (12,771 steps).
  • Another meatless meal for the week: Pan Fried Sesame Tofu with Broccoli. Delicious, cheap to make and even my husband loved it. 

  • BodyPump! (6,330 steps)
  • For supper I made Quick & Easy Chicken Burritos. Oh man, these were SO good. And the easiest and quickest things to make, especially if you already have cooked chicken to use up, or cook the chicken a head of time. I dipped mine in plain yogurt and some salsa! I have a panini grill, so these were super easy to whip up and I'm already thinking about the different kinds of filling I could use in them. 

And that brings us to today. I have no workouts scheduled for today because I'm getting my hair done! I can't believe I completely forgot to mention that in yesterday's post as something I'm looking forward to, because I most certainly am. I'm tired of the length, and I'm planning on having several inches chopped off - see ya later, hair!

For the weekend, the plan is to get out for a little hike with our friends on Saturday, and then Sunday I'll be hitting up BodyPump as usual!

How was your week of workouts?

Anything fun planned for the weekend?

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