September 16, 2016

AntiGravity® Fitness: What to Expect

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to try out an AntiGravity® Fitness class with the Blog Squad at InFlight Fitness here in Calgary. Ange already happened to know the owner and our instructor, Alison, and kindly set the class up for us. In exchange for an honest review and social media shares, we got to try out the class for free.

I'll be honest, I had never heard of AntiGravity® Fitness before and I didn't know too much about it beforehand. I did email Alison a few weeks before our class though, to make sure that I wouldn't show up 6 months pregnant and look like a fool for not being able to participate. Alison assured me that while I wouldn't be able to participate in the inversions (which are contraindicated in pregnancy), I would enjoy just chilling in the hammock (and she was right!).
AntiGravity® Fitness What to Expect


AntiGravity® Fitness was created over 20 years ago by Christopher Harrison. It's a unique blend of aerial and yoga and it utilizes a Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock, which hangs from the ceiling at two points, creating a swing or soft trapeze.

The workout is low-impact, and it simultaneously works to decompress and strengthen your musculoskeletal system.


We were told in advance, that tank tops were not allowed, and that all participants must wear a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt. Lots of the movements require the hammock to be underneath your armpits, and since the hammock is made of silk, for hygiene reasons, no one wants other people's sweat and deodorant all over the fabric. Also, I couldn't imagine having the sling rub on my bare underarms - ouch!
AntiGravity® Fitness What to Expect
AntiGravity® Fitness What to Expect
AntiGravity® Fitness What to Expect
You must wear grip socks. While lots of the movements are done while you are suspended in the hammock, there is still ground work that occurs (like jumping off your swing, downward dog, and even just hopping up to sit in your sling) and you definitely don't want your feet to slip.

All jewelry (including wedding bands/rings) must be removed prior to class. This is to prevent any damage to the fabric of the hammocks.


Everyone at InFlight Fitness must take 4 Fundamentals classes before moving on to the more advanced classes, such as Suspension Fitness, Aerial Yoga, and AIRbarre (and even some of those have prerequisites of other classes). They even have classes for kids!

Alison took our group through a Fundamentals class, which starts off with measuring the hammocks at the correct position (hip crease), and then she went over the basics of how to get into our hammocks properly. Also, as the class progressed, Alison made sure to go over every new position and instruct us on how to get in and out of the hammocks. It takes a bit of trust at first, but you will quickly learn that the hammock is incredibly strong (they are tested to hold up to 1000 pounds!) and the movements and poses are all designed to keep you safely in your hammock.

We started the class with just sitting in the hammocks, getting used to how if felt to be suspended, and moved through saddle pose and modified child's pose.
AntiGravity® Fitness What to Expect
AntiGravity® Fitness What to Expect
AntiGravity® Fitness What to Expect
Then we started to get ready for the first inversion pose, by getting into downward dog with the sling supported against our hip creases. Unfortunately, this was as far as I got to go before getting back up and hanging out in the hammock.

We also got to literally just swing in our hammocks which was a lot of fun! And then practiced dismounting by jumping while in flight. It was like being a kid again!
AntiGravity® Fitness What to Expect
There were a few more inversions the rest of the girls went through, while I got to relax in my hammock. I did get to participate in vampire pose since the inversion part of it is really quick, and while it is not easy to flip over with a 6-month pregnant belly, I was proud of myself for accomplishing this one! It did make me feel a bit nauseated, which is common for most people's first class, but is supposed to get better the more classes you do.
AntiGravity® Fitness What to Expect
The last few minutes of class were spent laying completely hidden in the hammocks, as if you were in a cocoon. During this time all I could think about was how amazing it would be for my achy, pregnant body to be able to sleep in a hammock like this one at night! No pressure points! The slight swaying of the hammocks is also very calming and relaxing.
AntiGravity® Fitness What to Expect


Alison told us during the class, that we should expect to walk out of there felling happier, lighter and physically taller. I can without a doubt say that I left that class in a great mood! I might not have gained the benefit of completely lengthening my spine since I had to sit out the inversions, but I still really enjoyed myself. I told her I will 100% be back to do another class once I'm no longer pregnant. I think seeing what I can accomplish not pregnant, in comparison to this time, will be really neat! In the meantime, I've put a Harrison AntiGravity® Fitness Hammock on my Christmas list ;)

If you're in the Calgary area, you can try out AntiGravity® Fitness at InFlight Fitness for one month unlimited for only $79! This includes ALL the classes too! Of course, punch passes can also be purchased. One time drop in is $20, or the larger the punch pass you purchase, the cheaper the classes get. I highly recommend at least trying this class out once. I can honestly say I have never done anything quite like it and it was so much fun.
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Have you ever tried an AntiGravity® Fitness class? 

Does this post make you want to now?! :) 

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