September 19, 2016

Weekending: While Daddy's Away...

I don't even want to type it out, but here it is: this was officially the last weekend of summer. How is this possible?! Thankfully, the weather was beautiful and I'm hoping we still get a few many more nice weekends to enjoy.

I'm backing things up to Thursday this time because I have photos I want to share from our day. Sully and I spent the late morning and early afternoon exploring the woods and paths with Nicole and her two kiddos. It ended up being a hot day and we both could have sworn we walked for miles that day! The hills were no joke! Sully always takes a bit to warm up to other kids, but by the end of our big walk, he was pretty smitten with Nicole's little girl, and getting those two to keep up with us was a struggle and a half (she won him over with her M&Ms!).
It was late afternoon by the time we got back home, and my mom was just arriving! Since her last visit out was a short one, she planned to come back for a longer visit and also keep me company while Jim went to Vegas for the weekend.

Friday morning I was up before 7 a.m. to drive Jim to the airport and when I got home, Sully and my mom were both still sleeping so I got to enjoy the quiet to myself. Later in the morning I headed out for my gestational diabetes screening (fun, fun!) and to run a few errands. Luckily, I'm one of those weirdos who actually thinks the glucose drink doesn't taste bad! Also, an hour to sit and read a good book by myself is like a mini-vacation, ha!
Unfortunately, Sully was too excited to have Gramma visiting and would not nap that day, and the evening was a bit of a disaster. I ended up putting him to bed at 6:45 p.m. (super early for him), praying that he would just sleep through till the morning, but as my luck would have it, he woke up about an hour later begging for "breakfast". Given he hadn't eaten much at all that day, I wasn't surprised, but once he went back to bed, he was so restless and whined and cried for more than an hour. I also finally started Gilmore Girls from season one that night and got through a few episodes. I've never watched the show in it's entirety, but I'm thinking I saw more episodes than I think I did. Doesn't matter, I'm already (re)hooked!

Saturday morning, I finished off One True Loves in bed (SO good!!) before Sully woke up. We had breakfast, got ready and then headed off to his first gymnastics class of the season! We decided to switch gymnastic clubs to one closer to home this time, and I'm worried I made a bad decision. This new club felt very chaotic, the coaches seemed pushy and not very engaging, and Sully was like a deer in headlights for the first 10 minutes. He did snap out of it eventually and seemed to enjoy the class, but I'm hoping this was just a case of first class of the season and that things quiet down as the weeks progress.
After the class, we popped into a lighting store near by and I picked up a new ceiling fan for our master bedroom and a light for our family room. Then we stopped at the Farmers' Market for a cappuccino from Analog and a late lunch. The evening was spent doing laundry, eating supper, bath time, and then my mom and I watched a really good, heartfelt movie: The Good Lie with Reese Witherspoon, which is a story about The Lost Boys of Sudan. (Check it out on Netflix!)
Sunday, my mom had plans to meet up with an old friend, so I decided to take Sully on the train to downtown as I needed to pick something up. Riding the train is seriously one of his favourite things to do, so even though driving to run my errand would have been both faster and easier, I knew taking the train instead was worth the extra time (and walking) involved. We walked around a lot and played  on the grounds of the Memorial Park Library where Sully was entertained for almost an hour playing around the fountain and throwing dirt rocks. At one point I told him we needed to go and he told me "Go read your book, mama". Oh sweet boy of mine, if only I had thought to bring my book!
I also did some impulse shopping (something I never do!) when I found out Zulily was having a big sale on TOMS. There were actually several pairs I really wanted, but in the end I went with these two:
We ended up being downtown for longer than I had planned, which meant no naps again today, but luckily we went the entire day without a tantrum. #momwin. Bedtime also went much smoother and my mom and I watched another movie (Far From the Madding Crowd) before she went to bed and I went upstairs to work on this post!

How was your weekend?

Have you watched any good movies on Netflix recently?

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