September 26, 2016

Nesting: Not an Urban Legend

I never, ever experienced "nesting" while pregnant with Sully. I read all about it, and I had people tell me about it incessantly, but it never hit. I remember anticipating the day I would be overcome with the desire to do all the things, dreaming about how clean behind my fridge would be and how organized my underwear drawer would look. I had days where I thought about doing something, but laziness always won. Needless to say, since then, I've scoffed at anyone who talks about "nesting", either as something they are experiencing or as something they wonder if I'm going/gone through. In fact, I even had a friend post about it recently on Facebook, and I'm pretty sure I commented with "NESTING IS NOT REAL".

How's that old saying go? About eating your own words? Ya, that day came this past weekend.

I was standing in the kitchen, marvelling at the inside of my clean and sanitized dishwasher when I yelled for Jim to come look at it. When he ooh'd and ahh'd enough for me, I made him look at the sparkling kitchen sink, inside the gunk-free garburator and at the newly decalcified tap head. Then he goes, "so this is nesting, is it?" I laughed, ready to say there was no such thing, but then I thought for a moment and said, "ya, I guess so! And it's awesome!".

But that's not all I did this past weekend. On Friday, I emptied out our entire pantry, wiped down the walls and shelves, repackaged things into jars and organized everything neatly on the shelves. This project has been on my to-do list since we moved in over a year ago. When the movers were unpacking us, I shoved everything into the pantry with no forethought, planning to organize it later on...that never happened and the pantry has been the place where cracker boxes go to die and anything without a home is abandoned.

I'm sharing pictures because I find it oddly satisfying to see what other people's pantries look like.
Nesting isn't an urban legend
Saturday, after returning home after gymnastics class and running errands, I emptied out our spice cupboard, threw out anything that was old or never, ever used, and organized it all back on the shelves. This in turn had me organize a few of the other kitchen cupboards.
Nesting isn't an urban legend
Sunday, I cleaned the dishwasher filter, wiped the sides of it down, and then ran vinegar through a sanitize cycle. While that was going on, I cleaned the sink with vinegar and soap, including the disgusting-ness that occurs underneath the drain of the garburator. I decalcified the tap head and wiped out the fridge shelves.

Then I pulled out my neglected day-timer, wrote out all our appointments and classes for the next month, meal planned for the week ahead (something I haven been severely lazy about lately), and made my grocery list. I debated going out for groceries that evening, but I was tired and my mom suggested I go in the morning while she watched Sully. Sold!

So ya. Nesting. It's not an urban legend after all. I know nesting is said to hit people in the later stages of pregnancy, but hey, I'll take it whenever I can!

Pregnant mama's (past and current), have you ever experienced nesting? 

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