November 23, 2016

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Hey friends! It's been two months since Allison, Becky, and I shared our most favourite reads with you all, so grab your notepads/phones/open up Goodreads, because this post is full of great book recommendations for yourself and for your loved ones on your Christmas shopping lists! We've been reading up a storm and as a result, have read some really wonderful books.

Book recommendations for book lovers



I’ve read a good chunk of books in the last two months – 10 to be exact, but barely a handful stand out as really great reads. Such is the life of a reader though! Thankfully, the books I loved, I really, really loved.

Favourites: When we last caught up, I mentioned I had just started One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid, and you guys, what an amazing book! I pretty much recommend it to everyone I talk to (and I even made my mom read it while she was visiting), so if you haven’t yet, this is one bandwagon you need to hop on ASAP. Immediately after One True Loves, I read After I Do by the same author and while it’s completely different, I loved it too. Now I’m on a mission to read the rest of her books. Happiness for Beginners was my most recent read and it’s now competing with One True Loves for my favourite book of the year. Another feel-good, easy read, but deeper than your average chick-lit. And if you’re in the mood for a twisted, psychological mystery, then All is Not Forgotten is a great read, but fair warning that the content is pretty graphic.

Looking Forward To: My reading has slowed down considerably the past few weeks, most likely because my energy is pretty low as I prepare for baby to make its debut in just over a month. I’ve made it my mission to try and finish off the year with light, easy, Christmas themed reads. I never read seasonal books, but I felt it was time, and after Alison recommended the Winter Street trilogy by Elin Hilderbrand, I put them all on hold at the library. I’m halfway through the first book and it’s exactly what I was hoping to read to round out the year.
Adult Fiction book recommendations for Christmas



I think the last couple months were a reading record for me. I read eight, almost nine, books since we last caught up two months ago. My grand total for the year is sitting at 32! I've read some pretty great books but some were just meh, like The Girls and Miss Peregrine's. What is it about over-hyped books being totally mediocre? 

Favourites: It's so hard to choose my favourite but I'm going to have to say Forever, Interrupted. I think Taylor Jenkins Reid has become my new favourite author. However, you should know by now that I can't say no to a good memoir written by a strong female which is why I also really loved both Amy Schumer's and Bif Naked's memoirs. I'm just on the last few pages of Bif's book but knew I'd love it to the end based on her recent book tour where she read some passages with such animation. I'm reading the book with her voice in my head which makes it even more fantastic.

Looking Forward To: I was thrilled when I found both Forever, Interrupted and another TJR book, After I Do at the used bookstore. I've heard After I Do is even better than Forever, Interrupted and I can't wait to devour it. I also can't wait to get my hands on Anna Kendrick's new book Scrappy Little Nobody and Lauren Graham's book, Talking As Fast As I Can, because it's Gilmore Girls month!
Adult fiction and non-fiction book recommendations for Christmas



12 books in 2 months? Whoa. I've been adverse to reading lately (hello all the made-for-tv holiday movies!) so I was a bit surprised to see the tally at 12. The good news, for me, is that I didn't dislike anything I've read recently. Some were just ok but unlike the summer, none were bad. You can follow along with everything I'm reading and what's on my list on Goodreads

Favourites: surprise, surprise; I can't pick just one favourite. I had written a sentence stating that It Ends With Us was my favourite (and it was REALLY good) but I also loved The Velvet Hours. You know how much I adore historical fiction. The Velvet Hours is based on the real life story of coutesan Marthe de Florian who deserted her Paris apartment in World War Two and its contents discovered, completely untouched for decades, in 2010. This is a fascinating story, easy to follow, and very captivating. I didn't like how abruptly it ended but after some research I understand why. It Ends With Us: I didn't love how young the main character was but other than that, I really enjoyed the story line that featured a strong-willed female lead. 

Looking forward to: the third book in Elin Hilderbrand's Winter series: Winter Storms. This is last book in the series (the first two, which came out in 2014 and 2015, were great) and I'm equally looking forward to reading about how the Quinn family's story ends and sad there won't be another one next year. With my overwhelming adoration of made-for-tv Christmas movies I'm not-so-secretly hoping the trio of novels is made into a trio of movies. If you're looking for something light-hearted and seasonally appropriate I would recommend Hilderbrand's Winter Street Triology. 
Fiction recommendations for Christmas


Favourite recent read?

What's on your Christmas book wish-list?

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