November 01, 2016

Halloween 2016!

Happy Halloween Candy Hangover Day! Yes, that's my official title for the day after Halloween. And I'm pretty sure I was in a candy coma all day today. And probably will be for the next several days, seeing as how we ended up having tons of leftover candy, on top of the candy Sully got while out trick-or-treating. I feel a little less guilty about all the candy I will be eating since I ate absolutely none prior to Halloween night!

Anyway, I feel like Halloween really snuck up on us this year and it felt like it was over in the blink of an eye with it being on a Monday and a work-night. We got out the door later than I had wanted and the hour and bit we were out there just flew by. But we had great weather for heading out, Sully loved his costume, and we had the pleasure of going door to door with our good friends and my aunt's husband again! Sadly, my aunt couldn't join us this year as she was still really sick.

It's fun to look back at the photos from last year to see how much Sully, and Kate & Dan's little girl have grown! They were both so into trick-or-treating this year, it was the most adorable thing ever. Sully said trick-or-treat at every house and "sanks-you!" every time someone put something in his bucket. Then we'd head back down the steps and he's exclaim, "let's go get more candy in my bucket!!". And here I was all worried that he'd be too scared to go out!

Of course, professional photographer I am not, and I never have my act together to get Sully in his costume during daytime hours for better photos, but these less than perfect photos still mean a lot to me. This time next year we will have a 10-month old along with us!

Halloween Skeleton Hoodie for toddlers
Halloween skeleton hoodie for toddlers
Haunted House goals
Maternity shirt for halloween
Fireman and Unicorn costumes for toddlers
Halloween Candy Haul

How did you celebrate Halloween? 
Did you dress up? If you have kiddos, what were their costumes? 

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