December 05, 2016

Oh Baby: 36 Weeks

It's baby month! It's so weird to think about, especially since this time of year is so consumed with all things Christmas, that I sometimes forget that we will also be welcoming a new addition to our family in about three and a half short weeks. It still doesn't feel completely real yet, even though my expanding belly reminds me otherwise. And even though baby's delivery date is all scheduled, I'm also starting to think about the fact that she very well could decide to come early! It's kind of weird when you have a scheduled c-section because it's like having a baby agenda and everything is planned out and it's hard to prepare for things to go otherwise. Sully was delivered via scheduled c-section only a day before his due date, but it's normal to be late with your first. Since this baby is scheduled for delivery 5 days before her due date, I'm hopeful everything will stay on track. And even as I write that I think how naive that could sound since we all know babies make up their own rules when it comes to making their entrance into the world!
Baby Update at 36 Weeks
Anyway, the countdown is most definitely on, and considering today is already December 5th, I know this month is going to fly on by. This past weekend we had some maternity/family photos done and I can't wait to see and share them! It ended up feeling much colder out than temperatures dictated, but my boys were troopers for staying out there for almost two hours.

These past few weeks, I've noticed a big increase in Sully's interest in the "baby in mama's belly". He often asks to see the baby and lifts up my shirt to do so. Then he will touch my belly or ask if he can kiss the baby. Sometimes I try to get him to hold his little hand still so he can feel her kicking, but he usually starts giggling and then says the baby is trying to hug him. It's seriously the sweetest moments and makes me so excited to see him be a big brother. We also have conversations every day about the baby because while he's aware something is going on inside of me, I'm not convinced he really gets it.

Sully: There's a baby in your belly!
Me: There is. Is the baby going to come out soon?
Sully: Yes! And then it will come out my belly. And then dada's. *And then he lifts up his shirt and points to his belly*
Me: Is the baby going to be a boy or a girl?
Sully: A boy!
Me: No, I think it's a girl.
Sully: No, it's a boy! *laughs hysterically*
Me: What should we name the baby?
Sully: I don't know!
Me: What colour of hair is the baby going to have?
Sully: White!
Me: What colour of eyes will the baby have?
Sully: Blue! (Some days he says green, some days he says red).
Me: Are you going to share your crib with the baby?
Sully: Yup!
Me: What else are you going to share with the baby?
Sully: My mo-mo bike! (his push ride-on motorbike).
Me: Are you going to read her books? Which book will you read her?
Sully: The Pigeon Wants a Puppy!
Me: Will you sing the baby a song?
Sully: Yup! The sunshine song!

And then some days, when we are at the kitchen table, I'll sit down and kind of groan from the back/groin pain and he will say: "You belly too full, mama? You back hurt?" God bless his little heart. Some of the things he says or remembers that I've said blows my mind.

It's weird to think about how the days of it being just me and Sully are coming to an end, and a part of me will mourn that. It's been just me and him for almost 3 years. I know it will be a transition for the both of us for sure. But it also fills me with such joy to be able to bring another child into our world, a sibling for my son, and hopefully a life-long best friend. That, my friends, is worth all the physical complaints I have right now.

Just 3.5 more weeks, baby girl. See you soon. xoxo

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