December 02, 2016


I can't believe this is my last Currently post of 2016! I'm also having a hard time accepting that it's December 1st already. You guys, that means Christmas is a mere 24 days away and my baby, if she stays put, will be here in 28 days! The next time I write a Currently post, I will have two kids, two!

It's been a little quieter around these parts, but that just means that Jim and I are actually making some serious headway on home projects that I'd love to have done before baby arrives. Of course, her nursery hasn't seen any improvement yet, but once we get it painted, it won't take much. Plus, I fully intend on having baby sleep in our room for the first few months (at least) since that is what we did with Sully and I'm really looking forward to that part of having a newborn.'s a little look at what I'm currently up to!
Thinking About: How proud I am of Sully and how quickly he took to potty training. I decided that last Monday was going to be the day we started since we were just about out of diapers, but had a bunch of pull-ups on hand. I knew I was putting it off, and I also knew that once baby comes, I wouldn't want to be potty training a toddler on top of having a newborn. We will still have to work on nap-time and night-time training, as well as #2, but for now, I'm more than happy for him to be day-trained!

Reading: I haven't been reading as much this past month, mostly because our evenings are spent trying to finish up home projects or I'm just too tired to. But, I am on the second book of the Winter series by Elin Hilderbrand and it's cute, fun, Christmassy and exactly what I was looking for heading into December. My hold for December's A Slice of Brie Book Club also finally came in, so I'll be cracking that open right away in order to get it read in time for next Wednesday! Come join us for the discussion if you've read/are reading the book (Wrapped Up in You by Carole Matthews).

Listening To: All of the Christmas music! I adore Christmas music. It makes me happy and puts me in the Christmas spirit. I don't know how I haven't come across this cover of Little Drummer Boy by Walk Off the Earth before, but you guys, it's fantastic! They give Boney M a run for their money! And this video is pretty awesome (although all their videos are awesome)!

Watching: Not a whole lot...still trying to work my way through Gilmore Girls (currently half way through season 2), and now that Jess has joined the show, it's infinitely better! We also watched a few episodes of the Netflix original, Easy...which is kind of weird, but kind of good too. My plan is to watch all of the Christmas movies this month though! Last weekend we watched Home Alone 1 & 2 and they have got to be two of my favourites - still so good even all these years later. Even Sully really enjoyed watching them with us!

Eating: Not much! I'm carrying baby so high and I'm so short of breath that some days it's a challenge to eat much. I don't have any cravings really...except maybe Honeycrisp apples! Gosh, those babies are delicious! Thankfully, Costco had huge bags for an amazing price the other week because those guys are usually SO expensive!

Wearing: Well, you can read all about my signature maternity look in this post! ;) (spoiler: leggings/skinny jeans, plain t-shirt and cardigans).

Laughing About:

Cream for life!
Pretty much!

I do this ALL the time and Jim makes fun of me for it.
AMEN! Except, pile on the floor in the closet is more accurate. This drives Jim nuts and I've tried explaining it to him but he doesn't get it. 
Looking Forward To: Besides the arrival of baby later this month? Our mini family/maternity photo session coming up on Saturday! Of course, I still need to figure out what I'm wearing as well as what Jim and Sully will be wearing, but the weather forecast is looking decent for Saturday so I'm hopeful our outdoor shoot won't freeze our toes off! And of course...I'm looking forward to everything this month has to offer: all things Christmas, the Calgary Blogger Christmas party, Jim's company Christmas party, making new traditions with Sully this year, Jim's parent's visit, and the fact that this will be the first year ever that Jim will actually have time off BEFORE Christmas, plus a few weeks afterwards. It's an exciting month, that's for sure!!

Your turn! Tell me:

What's your favourite Christmas tradition?

Favourite Christmas song?

What are you most looking forward to this month?

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