December 12, 2016

Weekending: 'Tis the Season!

Phew! What an incredibly busy weekend, but in the best possible way! I haven't felt inclined to share our weekend happenings lately because they've mostly been filled with home projects or lots of laziness. Or a combination of both. But this past weekend was crammed full of family and friends time and even though it's bitterly cold outside, it was a perfect weekend.


Originally, Friday night was supposed to be Jim's company Christmas party. I wasn't too keen on going given that I'm 37 weeks pregnant and needed to go buy a new dress that fit, but since my Aunt and her husband were more than happy to babysit we figured we might as well go and get a free dinner out of it! Then two days before the party, Jim called to tell me we weren't going to as it wasn't a semi-formal dinner, it was a casual cocktail/appy evening. Ya, not happening in my condition or in this weather. So I gladly returned that dress and instead we headed out to dinner and a movie (never happens!). The timing and location of where the movies were playing that we wanted to see just didn't work for us, so we ended up going to a cheap theatre and watching Deepwater Horizon, the film based on the true story of the BP oil spill. (Mark Wahlberg sold me). It was actually really good and really interesting to see the events of this horrific event from the people directly involved on the rig.

Anyway, afterwards we headed to Phoenix Grill for dinner because I've been wanting to take Jim there ever since the Blog Squad went after our OTF workout back in the spring. Funnily enough though, even though everything on their menu sounds delicious, I ended up ordering the exact same salad I had last time and it's still one of the best salads I've ever ordered at a restaurant.

We grabbed Turtle sundaes from McDonald's on the way home (SO good!) and then ate them while watching F is for Family on Netflix.

Sully had a blast decorating a gingerbread train while we were gone, and clearly didn't miss us at all!


I was up early to head out the door to pick up my Baby Box and run a few errands before meeting Jim and Sully at Sully's last gymnastic class of this session. He was so proud to go up and get his certificate at the end. And I was so proud of him because most of the time he's so shy in situations like that and won't go up on his own.
Afterwards, the boys ran some more errands while I headed home to get ready for the annual Blogger Christmas party that I was hosting this year! We were missing several of the girls, but we still had a great time chatting and catching up, eating delicious food, doing our gift exchange and taking cheesy group photos! After I spend time like this with these women, I'm always overwhelmed by how lucky I am to have found such a good and honest group of friends. Our blogs may have brought us together, but it's our friendships that bond us.

Leigh and I also exchanged our Blogger Christmas Swap gifts, as we were paired up this year. Leigh spoiled me with not one, but two ornaments that are totally me, plus some other goodies!


I've been sleeping terribly lately so I opted to sleep in the basement Saturday night hoping to get a good nights sleep and not keep Jim up with my constant repositioning. I tell ya, the day I can once again sleep on my back and give my hips a much needed rest can't come soon enough! Luckily, I had a pretty good sleep and slept in till 10 a.m.! After we all ate breakfast, we got to work tackling clutter and some final home projects. Tomorrow Mad Maids is coming in to do a deep clean of my house and to say I'm so excited would be an understatement! This is the adult equivalent of a kid on Christmas morning!

Anyway, it's time for this pregnant momma to climb into bed and read a few pages of her book before going to sleep!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Tell me something fun you did this weekend! 

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