April 11, 2016

Weekending: OTF, Phoenix Grill & Family Time

Happy Monday! I meant to get this up earlier, but last night, Jim and I ended up watching the last 3 episodes of The Walking Dead season 5 so I never made it back onto my computer to finish this post up. Ugh, I love that show SO much. I can't wait to see what happened in season 6!

Anyway, this past weekend, despite passing too quickly as usual, was such a great one. The weather was awesome, although extremely windy on Saturday, we got some extra hours at home with Jim and I got to see some girlfriends whom I haven't seen in awhile!


Jim worked from home on Friday so I was able to get out to the gym in the morning for a BodyFlow class at Goodlife Fitness. This class never ceases to challenge me, and I originally chose to do it over a BodyPump class since I didn't want to be sore on Saturday, but I still woke up with incredibly sore arms and abs.

In the afternoon, while Sully was napping, I ran out to the grocery store and to check out the new Homesense and Marshalls that just opened up in the South. The Homesense (Canada's equivalent of Homegoods), is HUGE and beautiful and I immediately wanted to buy everything to make over my home!

For supper I made Hoisin Stir Fry Bowls with Spicy Peanut Sauce from Budget Bytes and oh my god you guys, this recipe was amazing! So, so yummy, and even Sully ate a full bowl (spicy sauce and all!). I served our over rice like the recipe calls for, but you could just as easily spoon the mixture into lettuce wraps.

After supper, we played soccer in the field behind our house. Sully loves chasing and kicking the ball and I have to say, he's got decent skills for a two-year old!


I spent the morning at home, tidying up, and reading my book. After lunch, Becky arrived from Red Deer, and then shortly after that, Kaella and her son London arrived. I had organized a group date with a bunch of other bloggers at Orange Theory Fitness for later in the afternoon, and both of them drove into town to attend. Jim watched the boys while we worked out and from the sounds of it, they had a great time playing together!

From 430-530, we got our butts kicked at OTF and it was seriously the best workout I have done in months. Plus, it was so much fun to workout in a class with just your friends. I will be fully recapping  our workout later in the week!

Orange Theory Fitness Seton Calgary

After OTF, the majority of us went for dinner at Phoenix Grill. I had never eaten there before, but it was the only place I could find that would take a reservation for a large group on a Saturday, that was also kid friendly and near my house. I am so glad this is where we ate - the food was amazing (not one person had anything negative to say about their meals and we all ordered something different), the prices were decent and the service was on point. Our server was polite, quick, kept our waters full without asking, and our drinks and food came out exceptionally quick, especially considering we were a large group. I highly recommend this restaurant if you live in the Calgary area.

Phoenix Grill Calgary

They have quite a huge menu for an independent restaurant and the hardest part was choosing what to order. Everything sounded so appealing! I ended up ordering the Berry Quinoa Spinach Salad and added all-natural chicken to it. This salad was fantastic and I felt it was the least expensive salad I've seen on a menu in a long time (especially if you don't add chicken). I've already decided that this will be my go-to restaurant when we have visitors from out of town since there are so many dishes I want to go back and try.

After dinner, Kaella and Becky came back to my place where we chatted for another hour before Becky hit the road back to Red Deer. Kaella and London spent the night and we all headed to bed not long after Becky left.


Sunday we slept in a bit and then Jim made us pancakes for breakfast. Kaella and London headed out shortly after and then we went out and ran some errands. When we got home, I vacuumed and cleaned out my vehicle while Sully helped Jim install a new battery in his truck. Basically, Sully was just content to sit in the passenger seat of the truck for an hour, haha!

After we had some dinner, we put Sully in our backpack carrier and headed out for a walk. We live close to some country roads and wanted to see if we could find any trails that cut through the fields to them. Success! We ended up walking a little over 3 km, and with 26 extra pounds on my back, it was a good workout. At one point, I ran a few feet to make Sully laugh and he thought that was just the best thing ever and then he continued to shout "ruuuuunnnnn!", and so every time he yelled "RUN" (which sounds more like "rain"), I ran!

Once we got back home, Sully had a bath and went to bed and then we started on The Walking Dead.

And just like that, another great weekend was over with.

How did you spend your weekend? 

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