February 02, 2017

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Happy February, friends! Intros are hard sometimes and I've been staring at this blank screen for far too long now, so let's just jump into it today, shall we? As most of you know, I had a baby at the end of December, but in case you were wondering, here's some other things I've been currently up to!

Thinking About: How glad I am that January is over. Not that I'm wishing for time to pass even faster than it already is, but January always feels like the darkest, coldest, slowest month of the year and I'm always glad when it's over. It's also the longest period we go with Jim not having an extra day off or a holiday day off, and I like any extra time we get at home with him. On the other hand though, January passed in the blink of an eye this year, mostly thanks to a certain little baby that is now a part of our life. We've been pretty much housebound most of January as I heal from my c-section, but even so, the weeks have passed quickly.

Reading: I read four books in January (go me!) and I'm glad that I'm finding the time to still make reading a part of my daily life. Some days are more challenging than others, and often I find myself staying up too late in order to get a few chapters in, but I guess some habits never die. I don't usually plan ahead for the month in regards to what books I'm going to read (I read based on what strikes my fancy at the time), but when my hold at the library for It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover finally came in, Faithful by Alice Hoffman happened to be sitting on the display shelf when I walked in. That book has been on my radar for a while now, so I scooped it up and then also grabbed The Lost Husband by Katherine Center since that book was also on the shelf at my local branch. Long story short, I'm looking forward to reading all three of these books! I'm just not sure which one to start with...

Listening to: I'm LOVING this song by Ed Sheeran right now:

Watching: Still working my way through Gilmore Girls (I'm halfway through season 3) and just about to finish up Season 12 of Grey's Anatomy. I will never tire of that show, I'm sure. When my mom was here for a few weeks, we started watching The Crown on Netflix (got through half the episodes) and I'm really loving it. I haven't gone back to finish it because I'm hoping my mom will be back this month and we can finish it together. Jim and I also watched the first episode of Riverdale last week and liked it more than we thought we would (I was a die hard Archie comics fan growing up!). It's got great potential and I'm looking forward to the next episode (they're releasing one episode every Thursday).

Eating: I'm working hard at being organized and meal planning since I can't exactly run out for groceries whenever I want right now and it makes me ridiculously happy when our meals are planned for the week and we aren't wasting groceries. Anyway, if you're a chicken fan, you need to try these two recipes: baked chicken breasts and whole chicken in the slow cooker. Both turned out fantastic! The baked chicken breasts one is awesome for having some extra chicken to throw into a salad for lunch during the week. And the slow cooker whole chicken - let's just say I don't think I'll ever be buying a cooked roast chicken from the grocery store anymore.

Wearing: Ha. Whatever is comfortable right now. Which means I'm still rocking maternity clothes since I don't like anything rubbing near my incision right now.

Laughing About:



Yup. 100% accurate.

Looking Forward To: My sister visiting in less than two weeks! She hasn't met Emmy yet, so she'll be flying out to visit us for a week. I can't wait to see her (it's been far too long), and I'm also looking forward to having the adult company for the week.

Also, my little boy will be turning 3 this month! I've been putting it off, but I need to get on planning his birthday party! And now that he's older, I'm hoping we can do some Valentine's Day related crafts and/or baking.

Over to you! 

What are you reading right now?

Are you watching Riverdale? Thoughts?

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