February 21, 2017

This is 3

Sully, three years ago you were born on a very cold, cold winter day and my life was forever changed. Most days, it's hard to believe you aren't my little baby anymore (although you will always be my "baby"), and I can't believe we are celebrating your third birthday already. Getting to spend these last three years with you has been both a pleasure and an honour. Watching you grow from a tiny baby into the little boy you are never ceases to amaze me. I remember the days when your daddy and I half-jokingly thought you were never going to walk or talk and now we can't get you to slow down or stop talking!

Everyday with you is an adventure and every night I fall into bed completely exhausted. You make me laugh, sometimes you make me cry, you know how to push my buttons and you challenge me constantly. You are stubborn, sensitive, inquisitive, charming, hilarious and loving. You are the boy who has taught me patience and impatience, that it's possible to love someone so much it hurts, and that there is no greater gift in the world than getting to be your mother. I want to freeze time to keep you my little boy forever, while also looking forward to witnessing the young man you will become.

This is three: specific coloured bowls for specific foods, crying at the drop of a hat, but hugs so fierce I never want to let go. Stubbornness that mimics mine, choosing your own clothes, repeating every single thing I say, no false promises because you remember everything, making jokes, hide and seek in the dark, 100 piece puzzles, reading an endless number of books, lots of snacks (oh so many snacks!), taking showers on your own, being potty trained. Negotiations for treats, wanting to be independent with everything, mommy's little helper and a fantastic big brother. Cuddles on the couch, kisses to make boo-boo's better, telling me I'm your "best friend". Being bossy, not wanting to share your toys with friends, jumping on beds, jumping in puddles, walking with your hands in your pockets, asking endless questions. Lover of chocolate, Paw Patrol, crickets on your sound machine, ice in your water bottle, dogs, daddy's truck, motorbikes, ambulances and trains. Hater of socks, blankets, being told "no", car washes, and blueberries. Endless tears some days, but also endless laughter. It's life lived completely in the moment.

This is three.

Happy Birthday, Sully.

I love you to the moon and back,

xoxo Mommy

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