February 10, 2017

Capturing the Milestones

Before Sully was even born, I purchased a beautiful baby book for him, which I was so excited to fill for him. I haven't written one word in that baby book. In fact, I'm not even sure where it is at the moment. I tell myself that one day, when I have the time, I will go back and fill in all the details in his empty baby book, but between you and me, I'm pretty confident that will never happen.

His life has not gone undocumented though. Far from it! Besides the thousands of photos and hundreds of videos I've taken of him, I have monthly photos and monthly letter updates that I've done and have also shared on the blog. If anything, I can one day print it all off into a book for him.
The Original Milestone Baby Cards
Sometimes though, as I watch him grow up before my eyes, I wonder if I documented enough. Do I know when he got his first tooth? Pulled himself up and stood on his own? Slept through the night? While I documented a lot, I sometimes worry I forgot some of the milestones, or I sometimes worry that I will regret not using his baby book. Of course, I cannot go back in time, all I can do is be grateful for the photos and letters I have and continue to document the everyday moments with him going forward.

Our babies grow and change so drastically, especially in that first year. And sometimes in the moment, you don't even think to whip out your camera or make a note in a journal about something new your baby has done. Which is 100% okay, but looking back, there are things I wish I had made more notice of.
Weekly Photo Ops with Milestone Baby Cards
Luckily, I get a second chance to celebrate and remember these moments with Emmy. She is most definitely my last baby, and at six weeks already, I am reminded of just how fast time is passing us by. I don't want to forget anything about these early months and years, and since I cannot stop or slow down time, I can at least do my best at capturing not only the milestones, but the little everyday moments too.

Which is why I'm loving these Milestone cards. Not only do they make cute props for in my photos, but they serve as reminders of the memories I want to remember to capture. If I was using a baby book, they'd also be great for scrapbooking into it! The Baby Cards come with 30 cards that include milestones such as weekly and monthly photo ops, baby's first steps, and baby's first solid food. There's even a spot to write the date each milestone occurred on. I know for a fact that some of these cues I did not document with Sully, so I'm glad I'll get the chance to do so with Emmy this time. I will not allow her to be the undocumented second child!
Milestone Baby Cards Review
Milestone Baby Cards Review
*I received the Milestone Baby Cards in exchange for this post, but as always, all opinions and reviews expressed are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that continue to make this hobby of mine possible! 

Moms: Do you have baby books for your children? 

How do you like to document and keep track of your baby's/children's milestones?

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