July 03, 2015

Color Me Rad 5K Race Recap

Let's pretend for a minute that I'm not a horrible blogger and that not posting the rest of my New York vacation posts is due to a technical glitch and not because I'm lazy. Actually, wait, my in-laws have been visiting for the last month, so let's just blame them! Deal.

So, I might not have been blogging these past few weeks, but I have been hanging out with some awesome bloggers. At the end of May, a bunch of us ran in the Calgary Marathon and then last Saturday, a group of us ran the Color Me Rad run together. It was my first colour run and I had a lot of fun!

Color Me Rad Calgary

I wasn't one hundred percent sure what to expect, but I knew it was a "fun" run and that the whole point was to get as covered in colour as possible. It's kind of funny that something so simple and silly got so popular, but you know what, even at age 32, getting sprayed with colour "bombs" is pretty damn fun!

Color Me Rad Calgary Color Me Rad Calgary 
June, Kaella, ME, Sam, Ashley, Jen, Ange, Victoria

This run was held at the Canada Olympic Park which is hilly and boasts beautiful views of the city. Unfortunately though, the course for this run was pretty lame and boring. It started on the road, weaved up the hill a bit, then down and back across the road at which point we ran past the start line, which was kind of confusing. Then it snaked through a gravel parking lot. At this point we kind of cheated a bit and cut across the course because there weren't even any colour stations at that point. We definitely weren't out there to get the km in, that's for sure! I'll even admit, I was a teensy bit nervous that even though it was a fun run, I wouldn't be able to keep up with some of these ladies - I mean, these girls are serious runners! So I was kind of glad that we ended up walking a lot of it and definitely did not take it seriously!

Color Me Rad Calgary

If you ever find yourself hesitating to do this run because you don't think you can run 5K, don't worry - it's not about the running at all and most people were walking it! 

But regardless of the poor course, we still managed to have a blast! It was fun to run together as a group and have the chance to actually chat and take photos along the course. And we made sure we all left completely colour bombed! I'd say mission accomplished! 

Color Me Rad Calgary Color Me Rad Calgary Color Me Rad Calgary Color Me Rad Calgary

Have you ever done a Color Run before?
Would you do one again?


  1. It looked like you girls had so much fun minus the crappy course! I really should have signed up

  2. Looks like you had a blast, aside from the terrible course. I hope they get that sorted out for next year. I've done this a couple years in the past and wish I could have joined all of you lovely ladies!

    1. It was a lot of fun, but I wish you had been able to join us!

  3. Replies
    1. It was! Definitely recommend doing it with a big group :)

  4. What a fun morning!! I loved hanging out with you ladies!!

  5. Looks like SO much fun! I wish I could have done it with you, i've always wanted to do one!