January 12, 2016

Happy Blogiversary to Me & A Giveaway!

A Slice of Brie turns 4 and is giving away a book and gift card to Starbucks!

I can't believe it's been 4 years since I started my little blog. Technically, my blogiversary is on January 2nd, but with the New Year and all the goal talking posts I wanted to get out there, I thought I'd hold off until this week to have a little celebration!

When I started my blog 4 years ago (then called Eat Books), I really had no idea what I was doing. The beginning of a new year seemed like a great time to start, and while I had wanted to start a blog for quite some time, I didn't put a lot of thought or planning into it before jumping in. Somehow I survived and navigated my way around the blogosphere and html. It's amazing what you can learn to do from a simple google search! In hindsight, I'd probably approach blogging from the get-go a bit differently, but I'm grateful I took the leap in the first place! 

I initially started Eat Books because, to be honest, I was too scared to write about my life and put myself out there. I also wanted a way to remember and cherish the books I was reading and somehow I had stumbled upon a whole world of book bloggers (something I didn't even know existed until then) and I was inspired to start a book blog. You can read my very first post ever here. (It's hard not to cringe at our early selves, isn't it?) Eventually, I realized that writing book reviews and limiting myself to just posts on books was getting tedious and a bit boring. It started to feel too much like school work and I wasn't enjoying it anymore. I also was beginning to feel more motivated and inspired to start blogging about other aspects of my life, not just the bookish side of it. Eventually, I took the plunge and changed my blog name, created a Facebook page and started to re-brand myself, if you can call it that. 

I'm definitely no expert or big-shot, nor do I pretend to be one, but I'm proud of this little corner of the Internet and how far I've come. I enjoy writing and sharing my writing and I'm forever thankful for the people who read what I have to say.

I haven't made a big ado about any of my past blogging anniversary's, mostly because, despite being a blogger, I don't like to draw attention to myself (I know, makes no sense!), but this year, with where my blog is at and with all the friendships I have made because of this blog, I knew I wanted to give away a little something.

So, after putting a lot of thought into it, and thinking about where this little blog all started from, I knew I wanted to incorporate some bookish aspect into this little giveaway.  I love, love, love to talk about books and give book recommendations to pretty much anybody who will listen. Last week, I shared my best reads from 2015 (there were 8 of them!) and I'd love to give one of those books to one of you! Of course, my favourite way to enjoy a good book is with a hot cup of coffee so I'm also including a $10 Starbucks gift card (you can spend it on tea or hot chocolate if that's more your style!). 

The winner will get to choose between these 8 books, and the book will be shipped to you via The Book Depository, and the $10 Starbucks gift card via email. In the hopefully unlikely event that you've either read all 8 of these books or feel strongly that you would prefer a different book, I'm sure we can arrange something! :) 

Best Reads of 2015

I can't thank you all enough for your support over these past 4 years - for reading, for your comments -and from a lot of you, your friendships! 

This giveaway is open internationally and ends on Sunday, January 17th at midnight MT. Good luck and thanks for entering! 

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